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Branksome Street from the junction with Queen's Road (Hyde Park) (1 comment)
Black & White image1969. This view taken by Eric Jaquier in 1969 shows children playing at the junction of Queen's Road and Branksome Street (the short street of terraced housing seen in the background). It has a high wall running along the far end. The houses with the small gardens on the left of the picture are actually the backs of numbers 28 to 34 Alexandra Road. The houses on the right are the backs, with back yards, of numbers 2 to 12 Branksome Terrace. The chimney seen belongs to Spring Grove House, a Salvation Army Industrial Home for women. The 1947 Directory of Leeds lists Major Goulding as the warden. Nowadays, the dome of the Leeds Hindu Mandir, the first Hindu Temple to be built in Leeds, towers behind the wall. The temple is situated at number 36 Alexandra Road.
[internal reference; 201526_175372:LEO 8002]
Hartwell Road, Queen's Road no. 2 (Hyde Park) (1 comment)
Black & White image6th December 1972 On the left of the image is Hartwell Road while Queen's Road is on the right with number 2 Queen's Road, the Irene Hair Stylist Salon, on the corner, where two women in coats and head scarves are stoodby the entrance.
[internal reference; 2003116_91689700:WYAS Kings Road (Burley) Box 153, no.15]
Holderness Street, from King's Road (Hyde Park) (6 comments)
Black & White image1969. View from King's Road looking down Holderness Street which ran between the backs of houses on Holderness Terrace (left) and Edwin Road (right). A young girl chalks out a grid for a game of hopscotch in the foreground. The cobbled terraced street behind her slopes down to Queen's Road at the bottom where the British Relay Depot can be seen. The large building dominating the background is St. Margaret's C of E Church on Cardigan Road.
[internal reference; 2013122_174298:LEO 7023]
Howden Street, from Queen's Road (Hyde Park) (1 comment)
Black & White image1969. View from Queen's Road looking up the steeply sloping terrace of Howden Street, showing the rears of houses facing onto Howden Place. Outside toilets are seen in the back yards. On the right hand side there is a single storey shop at the bottom, numbered 10 Queen's Road and advertising Player's cigarettes. Image courtesy of Eric Jaquier.
[internal reference; 201526_175374:LEO 8004]
Howden Street, looking west (Hyde Park) (8 comments)
Black & White image1969. View of young children playing in Howden Street, which ran between King's Road and Queen's Road with the backs of houses on Howden Terrace on the left and on Howden Place on the right. Each side has back yards containing outside toilets. A dog noses into the gate of one of the houses. The boundary walls are built in stone with an unusual capping of bricks in a 'wave' design. The photograph is the work of Eric Jaquier.
[internal reference; 2013122_174292:LEO 7017]