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Adel Church, the Rectory (Adel)
Black & White imageJune 1967. View of the stone built Rectory located on a site to the east of Adel Church, partially covered in creepers. A tree in full leaf is in the foreground of the image. The building has its origins in the seventeenth century with part of a timber framed structure still intact in the northern section. It was discovered during alterations in 1978. Later, in the mid-seventeenth century, the house was thought to have been encased in stone and then just before 1770 considerably enlarged with the addition of a new building connected to the older one by a passgeway. This Georgian building became the front of the rectory as can be seen in this image. More alterations took place in 1819 and in 1858 the front porch, seen here, was added by the Reverend Henry Trail Simpson and new rooms were built between the new and old building, filling in the space either side of the central passageway.
[internal reference; 9372:browsing neg no 571]
Adel Lane/Church Lane: The Rectory (Adel)
Black & White image5th April 1950. Photo shows the stone stables and pond in the grounds of Adel Rectory. The single and three storey stables stand in the field behind the pond. A path or road next to the pond leads to the rear of the 18th century rectory, mature trees fill the scene.
[internal reference; 3095:CLIE Adel Rectory 3]
Adel Lane/Church Lane: The Rectory (Adel)
Black & White image5th April 1950. View of the pond with ducks in, surrounded by grass land near the stone stable block in the rectory grounds. A tree lined path leads to the back of the rectory itself to the left.
[internal reference; 3096:CLIE Adel Rectory 4]
Adel Lane: The Rectory (Formerly Church Lane) (Adel) (1 comment)
Black & White image29th March 1950. Front view of the stone house with a view of the stables in the background. Photo shows large stone house with cornerstones, columned entrance, symmetrical windows and triangulated gable to front. A sweeping drive leads to stable buildings on left. In the early 1820s part of this was used as a Sunday School.
[internal reference; 3093:CLIE Adel Rectory 1]
Adel Lane: The Rectory (Formerly Church Lane) (Adel) (2 comments)
Black & White image5th April 1950. ear view of the rectory house and stables. Built in 18th century the stables are single storey gritstone with three storey section in the middle, with a field to the front. A low hedge separates the field from the house. Mature trees surround the premises.
[internal reference; 3094:CLIE Adel Rectory 2]