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Location - Leeds & District

Church Street, north-east side (Hunslet)
Black & White imagec1932. View of the north-east side of Church Street. It shows old shop properties, including Hunslet Fisheries in the centre at number 2 Church Street. In 1927 (Kelly's Directory of Leeds) it had been the business of Alfred Hartley. At the left edge, at number 4, is a grocer's run by Mrs. Lucy Annie Peace. The junction with Low Road and the Regal Cinema are at the right edge. The cinema, at number 50 Low Road, opened as the Pavilion Picture Palace in 1913. It changed its name to the Regal in 1930. The photograph can be dated by the advertisement for the 1932 film "The Girl from Chicago" with Grace Smith and Carl Mahon. Numbers 2 and 4 Church Street were two of the old properties in the area shortly to be demolished. Several men are in the picture, including a man in uniform and peaked cap.
[internal reference; 20101130_171545:LEO 5205]
Crossgates Road, tram no.2099 (Cross Gates) (5 comments)
Black & White image21st February 1950. View showing tram no.2099, bound for Whingate on route 16, outside the Regal Cinema on Crossgates Road, the tram terminus for Crossgates. Shops on Regal Parade are seen on the left. Tram 2099 was the first of the Felthams to arrive from London when it came on trial in September 1949. At the time of the photograph it was still in London Transport Livery and bearing its London Transport number, but it would change to no.501 when others of its class joined it in August 1950. Following the demise of the tramway system it was preserved and returned to the capital to the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden, where it was restored to its former London Livery.
[internal reference; 2010111_170033:LEO 4283]
Crossgates, Aerial View (Cross Gates)
Black & White imageUndated. Aerial view of Crossgates with the roundabout at the centre. The central road at the bottom left-hand corner is Station Road with Farm Road going off to the left and Austhorpe Road off to the right. The light-coloured building is the library with the police station slightly to the right of it at the rear. Off to the top left-hand corner is Crossgates Road and then Crossgates Lane. Between the junctions of these two roads the Regal Cinema stands. Crossgates Ring Road runs to the right edge and the curve of Manston Crescent is also just visible below the centre of the right edge. Towards the bottom right-hand corner runs Tranquility Avenue and crossing the actual corner is Tranquility. The Traveller's Rest Public House is seen on Austhorpe Road, just up from the centre of the bottom edge. This pub was later demolished and by the late 1960s another pub of the same name had been built at the junction of Cross Gates Lane and Cross Gates Ring Road, on a site which had previously been a day nursery but on this picture is empty land.
[internal reference; 2010215_170300:C LIB CROSSGATES 20]
Crossgates, aerial view (Cross Gates)
Black & White imageUndated. Aerial view of Crossgates showing the roundabout to the centre. In the bottom left-hand corner is Crossgates Lane with the Regal Cinema standing adjacent to it. Above, going off to the left, is the Ring Road. At the top left edge part of the Manston Estate is visible, including the curve of Manston Crescent. From Manston Crescent, Tranquillity runs across to join Austhorpe Road. North Terrace meets the centre of Tranquillity from the top edge. From the junction the road continues downwards as Tranquillity Avenue. Moving right from the roundabout, Station Road is visible with Austhorpe Road joining it from the top edge and Farm Road going off to the right. Heading from the roundabout to the bottom edge is Crossgates Road. The white building is the library (which opened in 1939) with the police station to the left of it.
[internal reference; 2010215_170310:C LIB CROSS GATES 21]
Glasshouse Street nos. 28 - 30 (Hunslet)
Black & White image1939. View of number 28 Glasshouse Street and number 30 which may be the Blue Bell Inn. This is up for sale or let. On the gable end of this building is a painted advertisement for the Regal Cinema, Low Road, Hunslet showing The Texans with Randolf Scott and Sing You Sinners with Bing Crosby.
[internal reference; 706:CLIB Glass 1]