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Location - Leeds & District

Lorraine Street, Sackville Street (Sheepscar)
Black & White image28th October 1960 Looking from Sackville Street to the even numbered side of Lorriane Street. On the left Stanhope Place can be seen, then 14 Lorraine Street, moving right numbers follow in descending order to 2, which is at the corner. The shop is 40 Sackville Street, the name Binns is over the window. Two girls are standing outside. On the right is Belfort Place.
[internal reference; 200381_60526675:WYAS Sackville Street, Box 97/2, no. 103]
Meanwood Road, Globe Inn (Sheepscar) (4 comments)
Black & White image21st October 1960 The Globe Inn public house, situated at the corner of Meanwood Road and Sackville Street. John Smith's Magnet Ales were sold, the landlords name was Richard Samuel Beswick, Sackville Street is on the right. This is one of the few buildings on this section of Meanwood Road which escaped redevelopment.
[internal reference; 200384_28585452:WYAS Sackville Street, Box 97/1, no. 58]
Ormonde Street nos. 4 - 8, Sackville Street nos. 9, 11 (Sheepscar)
Black & White image21st October 1960 On the left part of Oatland Engineering Mill is visible, then number 8 Ormonde Street. Moving right are 6 then 4. The last two windows on the right are part of number 9 Sackville Street, next is number 11. This is at the corner with Ormonde Terrace.
[internal reference; 200384_85691470:WYAS Sackville Street, Box 97/1, no. 52]
Ormonde Terrace nos. 4 - 8, Sackville Street nos. 13/15 (Sheepscar)
Black & White image28th October 1960 An electricity sub-station is situated at the left edge, then three houses on Ormonde Terrace. Number 8 on the left, 6 in the centre and 4 to the right. A woman is outside with a bucket, the pavement has just been cleaned with water. This was called 'swilling'. The cafe is 13/15 Sackville Street, a painted sign on the wall to Ormonde Terrace is for Sharp and Thorton furniture, the store was on Vicar Lane in Leeds. To the right is Sheepscar Beck with steps leading down to footpath.
[internal reference; 200381_65041751:WYAS Sackville Street, Box 97/2, no. 115]
Sackville Street (Sheepscar)
Black & White image3rd April 1930. On the left is Sheepscar Street, the row of houses facing was Sackville Street. A terrace of houses with front gardens, one of which has washing out to dry.
[internal reference; 200245_7185000:C LIC Sheep (6)]