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Ambulance parked in Flax Place (Bank) (3 comments)
Colour image1965. Image shows an ambulance driver about to get into his ambulance in Flax place. The Ambulance Station is situated in Flax Place between Saxton Lane and Mill Street. In the background are flats which are part of the Saxton Gardens Estate.
[internal reference; 20111128_172966:LEO 5831]
City of Leeds Ambulance, vicinity of the Leeds Ambulance Station (Bank) (5 comments)
Colour imageJuly 1964. Image shows a City of Leeds ambulance thought to be parked somewhere in the vicinity of Leeds Ambulance Station. The vehicle is a Daimler and its 'call sign' is 'V for Victor'. The bell is mounted on the front of the ambulance and the registration on the number plate is NUA 999. The exact location of the ambulance is not known but the ambulance station is located near Saxton Gardens in Flax Place, between Saxton Lane and Mill Street.
[internal reference; 20111128_172969:LEO 5834]
Marsh Lane Police Station (New), Number 66 (Bank) (9 comments)
Black & White image31st December 1907. View of the Police station at the junction of Marsh Lane (left) with Saxton Lane, numbered 66 Marsh Lane. This replaced the old station which was on the opposite side of the road at 111 Marsh Lane. The new station opened in 1907 and contained a mortuary. It continued as a Police Station until 1936 when it was used by the Training Department. It was closed in 1961. After 1961 the Police Station was used as a refuge for homeless families with the cells on the ground floor converted to bedrooms. On the far left is the North Eastern Railway Bridge on Marsh Lane with the Old Railway Inn next to it.
[internal reference; 2002530_6406802:C LIHP Marsh (3)]
Marsh Lane, looking north-east (Bank)
Black & White image6th March 1985. View looking north-east along Marsh Lane. On the left is an unnamed street leading to Woolman Street, followed by blocks of flats known as Marsh Lane Garth or Marsh Lane Tenements. Further along is the junction with Brick Street, where a white car can be seen. On the right is the junction with Mill Street, then the Kuppa Corner cafe, which has an advert for Michelin tyres on the gable end. In the distance is the junction with Saxton Lane.
[internal reference; 2012101_174064:S LIC MARS 10]
Marsh Lane, looking south-west (Bank)
Black & White image22nd January 1985. View looks south-west along Marsh Lane from the junction with Saxton Lane, from where a car is emerging on the left. The Co-operative Funeral Service occupies the building on the right, followed by the junction with Brick Street. The Co-op building still exists today (2012) but the rest of the area has been completely transformed with a new road layout and new high-rise buildings such as the Gateway development and the Mill Street student flats.
[internal reference; 2012102_174073:S LIC MARS 13]