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Bronte House, Scott Hall Road, Buslingthorpe Lane (Buslingthorpe) (10 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Bronte House was built in the 1930s at the junction of Buslingthorpe Lane (seen to the left) and Scott Hall Drive. It catered for single women.
[internal reference; 200438_50710696:LIE BRO]
Buslingthorpe Road (Buslingthorpe) (1 comment)
Black & White image3rd April 1930. View Looking up Buslingthorpe Road with Buslingthorpe Place on the left towards junction with Scott Hall Road. The photo shows nos. 1,3 and 5 Buslingthorpe Road (right) - a terrace of 3 storey houses with cellars with taller buildings towards top of row. A pram can be seen on road. Gas Lamp visible on corner.
[internal reference; 2002327_45350283:C LIC Bus (10)]
Buslingthorpe Road, Junction with Scott Hall Road (Buslingthorpe)
Black & White image18th March 1932. View looking from Buslingthorpe Lane towards the junction with Scott Hall Road. The detached stone built property stands in an elevated position above the road. This is where Sheepscar Street North joins Scotthall Road. Later, Bronte House Flats were built on the site.
[internal reference; 2002425_84310550:C LIC Scott (4)]
Caravan encampment off Scott Hall Road (Unknown) (3 comments)
Black & White imageJanuary 1955. Image shows a caravan encampment on snowy ground off Scott Hall Road. Three old Romany caravans or Vardos can be seen and also a square tent with a protruding chimney. Two women are chatting in front of the tent and to the right two men shake hands as they stand in a group next to one of the horses. The photograph was taken during the 'big freeze' of 1955.
[internal reference; 20081230_168161:LEO 8490]
Carr Manor Housing Estate, aerial view (Meanwood) (17 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Aerial view of Carr Manor Housing Estate, a private suburban estate built in the 1950s by S.& N. Shute Ltd., Leeds who were one of the largest housebuilding companies in the north of England. It is situated between Stonegate Road, top left, Scott Hall Road, top right and Stainbeck Road out of the picture below. Roads running up, from left, are:- Carr Manor Avenue, Carr Manor Road, Carr Manor Drive, Carr Manor Grove. Around the outside are Carr Manor View, top and right, Carr Manor Parade bottom right and Carr Manor Crescent bottom left.
[internal reference; 2008616_166989:S LIB MEAN 1]