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Balm Road (Hunslet) (20 comments)
Black & White image14th December 1951. View looking north down Balm Road from the entrance to Robinson's scrap metal yard. A car is parked in the entrance, where a man is walking past. On the other side of the road are factory premises.
[internal reference; 8544:CLIC Balm 22]
Balm Road (Hunslet) (13 comments)
Black & White image14th December 1951. Looking north along Balm Road, with the entrance to Robinsons scrap metal yard. A Morris Oxford car is parked in the entrance with a man nearby. The low brick building has a large chimney. Houses are visible behind, as is a hoarding advertising Persil.
[internal reference; 8545:CLIC Balm 23]
Balm Road, Robinsons Yard (Hunslet) (3 comments)
Black & White image14th December 1951. Looking east across Balm Road at Robinsons Yard. A car is parked in the entrance of the brick built premises, which have a large chimney attached, this chimney was formerly part of a pottery.
[internal reference; 8546:CLIC Balm 24]
Bridge, Viaduct Road (Armley) (8 comments)
Black & White image2nd May 1956. Photograph shows Viaduct Road in Armley which passes under the L.N.E.R railway track. The premises of 'Appleyard for Morris, on North Street', is advertised across the bridge. To the right is 'Appleyards Scrapyard', with ladders, fencing, crates and an old bus visible behind the wall. Houses can be seen alongside factories in the top right of the photo. People are visible walking on the left hand side of the road behind a lamp post. Adverts for 'Players cigarettes', 'Marmite' and the 'Jaguar Car', can be seen.
[internal reference; 7460:CLIW Viad 5]
Bridge, Water Lane (City Centre)
Black & White image25th August 1948. Picture shows one of the bridges over the Hol Beck on Water Lane. The premises of 'Arthur Sharman, Scrap Metal Merchants', is visible on the bridge with piles of metal and wooden planks. Tyres can be seen in the beck. The bridge was constructed in 1849 and has been marked on the side.
[internal reference; 7461:CLIW Water 11]