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Jarvis Walk / Sharp Lane junction (Robin Hood)
Colour imageSeptember 2006. This photograph is taken from the junction with Jarvis Walk and Sharp Lane. New red brick built bugalows on the right have replaced prefab homes erected as a temporary solution to the housing shortage after the Second World War.
[internal reference; 20061011_162093:LEO 1315]
Jarvis Walk / Sharp Lane junction, prefabricated housing (Robin Hood)
Colour imageSeptember 2006. View of single storey prefabricated housing erected after the Second World War and located at the junction of Jarvis Walk with Sharp Lane. The prefabs were only designed to last for approx. 10 years as a solution to the post war housing shortage. This home has been fitted with modern U.P.V.C. windows and a patio door.
[internal reference; 20061011_162091:LEO 1313]
Jarvis Walk at the junction with Sharp Lane, prefabricated house (Robin Hood)
Colour imageSeptember 2006. This is an example of a prefab single storey home dating from the end of the Second World War. Prefabs were a solution to the housing shortage at this time. They could be erected quickly and in large numbers. Although they were as expensive as traditional homes they did not require the same level of skills at a time when skilled labour was in short supply in the building trade. Many prefabs lasted far longer that the 5 to 10 years lifespan they were given. This one had lasted for 60 years, but was shortly to be demolished.
[internal reference; 20061011_162092:LEO 1314]
Lingwell Syke, group of children (Middleton) (4 comments)
Black & White imageTaken in the early 1900s a group of women and children along with man with donkey cart, gather in front of cottages known as Lingwell syke at the junction of Town street with Sharp lane. The name Lingwell has Roman origins and means
[internal reference; 2002212_90978641:RO*]
Official Opening of Temporary Bungalows. (Robin Hood)
Black & White image23rd March 1946. Official opening of the first of the pre-fabricated bungalows off Sharp Lane, Robin Hood. Persons present, T.J.Brooks M.P., Mr.Mathieson (Regional Officer, Ministry of Works), Mr. Senior (Regional Architect), Mr. Gray (Ministry of Works), Major Spillman & Mr. Fleming (Tarrans Ltd), Mr. G.Webster (Poskitt's Beal), County Alderman E. Taylor J.P., Councillor C.Smart J.P.(Chairman of the Council), Mr. E.Moorhouse(Clerk), Mr. Moreton(Housing Manager). The houses which were built by contractors Tarran Ltd. were built mainly to house ex-servicemen and their families. The majority of these houses still exist today(2002).
[internal reference; 200226_42437380:RO 1396]