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Location - Leeds & District

Barrack Street, Sheepscar Street North (Sheepscar) (8 comments)
Black & White image12th November 1968. View looking north-east up Barrack Street from its junction with Sheepscar Street North, where a queue of cars wait at traffic lights. On the right is the empty Elsanco Works, now boarded up. On the left is a crossing guard with two children. Behind is a row of 'Keep Right' warning lamps.
[internal reference; 8555:CLIC Barrack 5]
Buslingthorpe Road, Junction with Scott Hall Road (Buslingthorpe)
Black & White image18th March 1932. View looking from Buslingthorpe Lane towards the junction with Scott Hall Road. The detached stone built property stands in an elevated position above the road. This is where Sheepscar Street North joins Scotthall Road. Later, Bronte House Flats were built on the site.
[internal reference; 2002425_84310550:C LIC Scott (4)]
Chapeltown Road, at Junction with Sheepscar Street North (Sheepscar) (5 comments)
Black & White image16th July 1957. View of Chapeltown Road at junction with Sheepscar Street North.Meanwood Road in background. 'Arnold Wilson's Garage' and 'Mosley's Rent Collectors' visible. Two cars, tramlines and cables .'To Harrogate' signs visible.
[internal reference; 4974:CLIC Chapel 31]
Chapeltown Road, tram no.260 (Sheepscar)
Black & White imageUndated. View showing 'Middleton Bogie' tram no.260 travelling along Chapeltown Road past the junction with Sheepscar Street North. Shops on the right include Marsh & Miller, export cutters, at no.7. On the left, a bus can be seen travelling up Sheepscar Street North, past an advertising hoarding for Arnold G. Wilson Ltd., motor car dealers of 232 Harrogate Road.
[internal reference; 201014_169969:LEO 4123]
Chapeltown, Buslingthorpe, Sheepscar and Harehills, aerial view (Chapeltown)
Black & White imageUndated. Aerial view of Chapeltown also showing the areas of Buslingthorpe (bottom left), Sheepscar (bottom right) and Harehills (top right). A proposed roundabout and road widening scheme is marked on to the right. Roads leading off are (clockwise from bottom) Meanwood Road, Sheepscar Street North, Chapeltown Road, Roundhay Road, Manor Street and Sheepscar Street South. Gas holders can be seen beside the junction with Sheepscar Council School to the left of these. Potternewton is on the top left corner.
[internal reference; 2010129_170145:C LIB SHEEP 82]