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Location - Leeds & District

Little London from Scott Hall Road / Sheepscar Street North (Sheepscar)
Colour imageMay/June 2006 View from Scott Hall Road near the junction with Sheepscar Street north over Little London. The reddish blocks of flats nearest the camera are, from the left, Oatland Heights, Oatland Towers and Oatland Court. These were all built in 1971 to a height of 47 metres each with 17 storeys. At the rear are the three blocks of the Lovell Parks. From the left is Lovell Park Grange then Lovell Park Heights and Lovell Park Towers, all built in 1967 on 17 floors to a height of 47 metres. The building in the foreground, right, is Charles F. Stead & Son, tanners, of Sheepscar Tannery. The public house seen at the bottom left is the Skinner's Arms. Photograph courtesy of James W. Bell.
[internal reference; 20071022_165025:LEO 2279]