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Location - Leeds & District

Playground set back from the junction of Sherburn Road and Hebden Approach (Whinmoor)
Colour image2000. View of a children's playground in Whinmoor set back in a green space between Sherburn Road and the junction with Hebden Approach. In the background are terraced houses and a view across York Road to Sherburn Court, a block of high-rise flats situated in Sherburn Approach. It was built in 1966 to a height of 44 metres with 15 floors of accommodation. Development is beginning in this area of the construction of the East Leeds network of the Supertram.
[internal reference; 2003911_3388613:MIL A/1. No.17]
Sherburn Court taken from Sherburn Road (Whinmoor) (4 comments)
Colour image2000. View of Sherburn Road in the foreground, and the underpass left, with York Road above it. The 15 storey block of high-rise flats in the centre of the image is Sherburn Court. It was built in 1966 to a height of 44 metres, one of several blocks built in the area. This one stands in Sherburn Approach.
[internal reference; 2003911_74009341:MIL A/1. No.13]
Sherburn Road and York Road from the Junction with Hebden Approach (Whinmoor) (3 comments)
Colour image2000. View of the underpass below the A64 York road. Several blocks of high-rise residential flats can be seen. The block in the middle ground on the right is Sherburn Court in Sherburn Approach. It is a 44 metre high building on 15 floors built in 1966. Beneath the underpass is Sherburn Road, while Hebden Approach cuts across the foreground to meet it.
[internal reference; 2003911_11541384:MIL A/1. No.15]