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Location - Leeds & District

Pack Horse Inn & Yard, Briggate (City Centre)
Black & White imageUndated. Image shows the Pack Horse Inn and yard, looking eastward towards Briggate. The yard was accessed through an archway at number 56 Briggate, and passing through the archway on the right of the image, led out towards Lands Lane. This part of the town centre contained a network of yards, some dating from the 13th century. The Pack Horse Inn was believed to be the oldest surviving inn in the city centre, having been previously named the Nags Head from 1615, and the Ship Inn from 1770. The old building was demolished in 1988, and a new one built on the site in 1989. A Templar cross can be seen on the building, meaning it was originally part of the Manor of Whitkirk, and owned by the order of St John of Jerusalem, successors to the Knights Templar.
[internal reference; 20171217_176405:LEO 8790]
Ship Inn Yard (City Centre) (1 comment)
Colour image24th September 1999 View of Ship Inn yard between Briggate and Lands Lane. Garden furniture and benched can be seen, belonging to The Ship.
[internal reference; 200235_15330141:MIL 17/19]
Ship Inn Yard (City Centre)
Colour image24th September 1999 View of Ship Inn yard looking towards Lands Lane. Shows cobbled alleyway with ladders and broken plastic chair.
[internal reference; 200235_81225223:MIL 17/20]
Ship Inn Yard (City Centre)
Colour image24th September 1999 View looking towards Briggate of Ship Inn yard which runs between Lands Lane and Briggate shows a cobbled yard with The Ship public house just visible.
[internal reference; 200235_83329410:MIL 17/18]
Ship Inn Yard, Briggate (City Centre)
Black & White imagec.1880 Image shows the Ship Inn Yard looking from Briggate in the direction of Lands Lane. A sign spans the yard with the name of the landlord of the day, James Call painted in large lettering. the yard is flagged in stone and a flight of steps lead up to the business premises on the first floor of J. Gothwaite. The Ship Inn dates from Georgian times and it was once one of the haunts of actors, musicians and other people connected with the theatre due to the close proximity of the City Varieties, the Grand Theatre, and the now demolished Empire and Theatre Royal.
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