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Hartrigg Hotel, Shire Oak Road (Headingley) (2 comments)
Black & White image19th March 1985 Image shows the large building of the Hartrigg Hotel at No.10 Shire Oak Road. On each side are mock tudor turretts. Headingley Castle is visible on the left just behind the hotel.
[internal reference; 2005114_96436710:SLIN Shire.44]
Headingley and Adel, multi-image postcard (Headingley)
Colour imagec1921. Colour-tinted postcard with a postmark 24th June 1921 showing views of various areas of Leeds. A central picture of the Shire Oak tree at Headingley is surrounded by views of Headingley Lane, Woodhouse Ridge, the Seven Arches at Adel and Leeds Training College at Beckett Park (then the 2nd Northern General Hospital). Smaller circular photos of Adel Church, Kirkstall Abbey, the Ethel Preston Memorial at Lawnswood Cemetery and Adel Crag are also featured.
[internal reference; 2011721_172429:Artemis Pack 53 (Headingley/ West Park) no.28]
Headingley Lane, looking towards Otley Road and Shire Oak (Headingley)
Black & White imageUndated. View from Headingley Lane looking towards the junction with St. Michael's Lane, left, and Otley Road, ahead. The ancient Shire Oak tree can be seen in the centre, surrounded by railings. On the left is the Skyrack Inn. A tram on the right is displaying advertisements for Beecham's Pills and Borthwick's Baking Powder.
[internal reference; 2010111_171497:LEO 5160]
Headingley, aerial view (Headingley)
Black & White image16th July 1937. Aerial view showing Headingley Lane running down from the top left to the junction with St. Michael's Road in the centre, after which it becomes Otley Road as it continues on to the bottom right corner. The war memorial is seen in the middle of the junction with St. Michaels Church behind. Other roads leading off from the main road include Bainbrigge Road, Bennett Road and North Lane (above) and Shire Oak Road, Shire Oak Street and Wood Lane (below). Marked on in red is a proposed by-pass that was never built.
[internal reference; 2010215_170304:C LIB HEADINGLEY 5]
Old Oak, postcard (Headingley)
Colour imageUndated. Colour-tinted postcard of Otley Road showing the ancient Shire Oak tree on the right, surrounded by railings for protection. This tree, which is believed to have stood for over a thousand years, is in a decaying state here and would eventually succumb to its age, finally collapsing in May 1941. A tram is seen on the road.
[internal reference; 2011712_172393:Artemis Pack 53 (Headingley/West Park) no 14 ]