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Sikh Centre, Chapeltown Road, Community Lunch (Chapeltown)
Black & White image28th July 1989. Image shows some of the 250 people who attended the Sikh Centre in Chapeltown Road to take part in the Community Lunch and sample the vegetarian menu. It was an event organised by the Leeds 100k club, a black organisation dedicated to raising £100,000 for the 'Give For Life Appeal.' The Community Lunch raised £500 towards the appeal with the help of the Sikh Centre Women's Group.
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Sikh Temple and Sikh Centre, Brandon Way off Chapeltown Road (Potternewton)
Colour image22nd January 2006. This new Sikh Temple, located in Brandon Way, off Chapeltown Road has the Sikh Centre next door (the red brick building on the right). The centre opened in 1982 to fulfil the social and cultural needs of the Sikh community. The temple is built in brick with a central arched entrance and a huge window incorporation the Khanda, the important emblem of the Sikh Religion. The temple, on the east side of Chapeltown, replaces the former temple, which was housed in what was originally the Newton Park (Union Church) Congregation Baptist built in 1887. The Sikh Temple located there in 1963, a grade II listed building at number 281A on the west side of Chapeltown Road directly opposite the new temple in this image. Photograph courtesy of James William Bell.
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