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Location - Leeds & District

Aerial view of the Garden House Lane and Smithy Lane Estates. (Tingley) (1 comment)
Black & White imageC1965. Aerial view of the Garden House and Smithy Lane Estates. Bradford Road runs from the top left to the bottom right hand corner. Westerton Road runs from the bottom left hand corner to join Bradford Road. Thomas Ambler's, or Ardsley Mills, at East Ardsley is the Large rectangular building at this junction. Within the triangle formed by Bradford Road and Westerton Road there is Smithy Lane on the left from the top to the bottom. Roads going off Smithy Lane are, top, Eastleigh Drive and centre Farleigh Road. Towards the angle of the triangle are Garden House Lane and Redwood Avenue. Ardsley Reservoir is just off bottom edge, off camera. Photograph from David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2007531_163756:wa 264]
Aerial view of the Smithy Lane Estate and Ardsley Reservoir (Tingley) (3 comments)
Black & White image1960s. Aerial view of the Smithy Lane Estate and Ardsley Reservoir, left. Running from top to bottom is Westerton Road. Haigh Moor Road branches off to the left at the top. Moving down the first right turn of Westerton Road is Smithy Lane with Old Hall Road above it and Greenwood Road below. Next right off Westerton Road is Thirlmere Drive and semi-circular Farleigh Crescent. Then the junction with Eastleigh Drive which bends round in a curve. Bradford Road cuts across the bottom corner. Healey Croft Farm is in the centre at the bottom and the patch of trees close to the Reservoir in Westerton Wood. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2007530_163744:wa 249]
Blackgates Primary School (Tingley)
Colour imageUndated. View of Blackgates Primary School located in Smithy Lane. Various community activities also take place here including events organised by Blackgates Primary School's Parent Association. South Leeds Music Centre meet on Friday evenings and Tingley Junior Brass Band get together at several times during the week. The school playing fields are utilised by Tingley Athletic Junior Football Club which has been established for 30 years.
[internal reference; 200977_169286:LEO 3956]
Blackgates Primary School (Tingley)
Colour imageUndated. Image shows Blackgates Primary school located in Smithy Lane. The junior school dates from the 1950s but the infant school is a recent addition as part of the P.F.I. scheme. The original infant school was built in stone and opened in 1894 in Bradford Road. The Victorian school closed in July 2005 and was demolished in 2008. The former school site is in the process (2009) of being re-developed for housing by Minton Properties Ltd.
[internal reference; 200977_169287:LEO 3957]
Cookridge Lane, Smithy Lane (Cookridge) (1 comment)
Black & White image16th July 1952. View looking south along Cookridge Lane past junctions with Smithy Lane and Green Lane. A bus is visible through the trees. Streetlamps and telegraph poles line the road.
[internal reference; 5455:CLIC Cookridge Lane 7]