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Hunslet Lane nos. 58 - 64 (Hunslet) (4 comments)
Black & White image28th October 1947. The west side of Hunslet Lane, at the junction with South Row. Premises shown are as follows; number 58, D.E. Angus, dining rooms; number 60, D. Johnson, shopkeeper; number 62, N. Johnson, tobacconist and number 64, H. Sidebottom, greengrocer, where a woman looks out of the doorway. To the right a coal lorry is partially visible. It belongs to the business of Lockwood, Hargreaves & Co., coal merchants, of 51 Hunslet Lane. Advertisements for Craven A cigarettes, Hornimans Tea, Fyffes Bananas, Lyon's Tea, Player's cigarettes, News of the World and Robin cigarettes. A bill for Leeds Grand Theatre is visible, as are tram tracks and power lines.
[internal reference; 5352:CLIC Hunslet 27]
Hunslet Lane nos. 58 - 68 (Hunslet) (2 comments)
Black & White image14th February 1961 View of old shop premises in Hunslet Lane at the junction with South Row. They number from the left, 68 to 58. In Barretts directory of Leeds for 1955, number 64 was a greengrocers, proprietor, Harry Sidebottom, a tobacconists shop is at number 62 and Jim's Cozy Cafe at 60. A sign above the window advertising the News of the World newspaper states 'Mr Anthony Armstrong-Jones, the unknown celebrity' South Market Cafe is on the corner at number 58. The row was demolished in accordance with he 1957 Housing Act.
[internal reference; 2004218_11672610:WYAS Hunslet Lane, Box 348, no. 1]
Hunslet Lane nos. 58 - 68 (Hunslet) (2 comments)
Black & White image14th February 1961 Parade of old shops in Hunslet Lane, numbering from the left 68 to 58. Number 64 had been a greengrocers managed by the Sidebottom family from the late nineteenth century until the late 1950s. Number 60 is Jims Cozy Cafe and 58 is South Market Cafe next door on the corner with South Row. The shops were scheduled for demolition in line with the Housing Act of 1957.
[internal reference; 2004218_50306338:WYAS Hunslet Lane, Box 348, no. 2]
Kirkgate Market, Roof Repairs (City Centre)
Black & White image17th February 1947. View along South Row (game). Signs for A.Foster (game and poultry), L.Watson (licenced to deal in game), and A.Cullingworth (game and poultry) can be seen. Workmen with ladders and building equipment to centre, plus market stall workers. Egg and butter market carved into central arch on left. A brazier can be seen in the right hand foreground.
[internal reference; 6977:CLIHM Kirk 65]
Kirkgate Market, roof repairs (City Centre)
Black & White image17th February 1947. View of roof under repair near South Row. Bottom end of section to be repaired.
[internal reference; 6979:CLIHM Kirk 66]