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Back to Back red brick terraced housing (Harehills) (14 comments)
Black & White image1953 Aerial view of back to back red brick terraced housing. Snaking round from the left edge into the bottom left hand corner is Roundhay Road. Joining it is Roseville Road and then off towards the right is Gledhow Road. Following Roundhay Road Upwards St Aidan's Church is visible at the left edge. The streets cutting diagonally across are mainly the Bayswaters and they meet Harehills Road. Harehills Road runs from the left to a third of the way down from the top right edge. Far left on Harehills Road the white building is St Augustine's Roman Catholic Church, then Harehills Road Congregational Church. The large building on Harehills Road is Harehills County Secondary School and it is surrounded by the Conways, streets of red brick terrace homes. Harehills Lane runs from left to right just down slightly from the top edge. Part of St James' Hospital occupies the bottom right hand corner.
[internal reference; 2007731_164346:N LIB HARE (19)]
Business Premises: Central Garage Ltd, Woodhouse Entrance (City Centre)
Black & White image23rd February 1949. Rear of premises of Central Garages Ltd on St James' Street showing large entrances where cars are taken into the showrooms. Two cars and a van are parked outside. To the left of the building is St James' Court with a cafe on the corner. To the right is Woodhouse Lane.
[internal reference; 2589:CLIP Central 7]
Calverley Street extension (City Centre)
Black & White image29th July 1914. Extension to Calverley Street, looking towards Great George Street from St. James Street area. Brick surface being laid for road, workmen with wheelbarrows.
[internal reference; 2002131_31745547:C LIC Cal (29)]
Calverley Street Extension (City Centre)
Black & White image17th June 1914. View of work on Calverley Street extension from St. James Street to Fenton Street. photo shows cleared area with workmen digging, building materials and rubble can be seen.
[internal reference; 2002320_37711733:C LIC Cal (45)]
Calverley Street, Extension (City Centre)
Black & White image6th June 1914. North section, from Fenton Street to St. James Street. View of building site.
[internal reference; 2002131_19402712:C LIC Cal (41)]