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Location - Leeds & District

Field near Lister Cottages & St. Bernard's Railway Station, planting cauliflowers (Gildersome) (2 comments)
Colour imageJune 1960. Image shows a three man team riding behind a tractor planting cauliflowers in a field near Lister Cottages, by St. Bernard's (Gildersome) railway station. More rows of vegetables can be seen between the railway line and Gelderd Road (A62) seen in the distance. One of the terraces next to St. Bernard's Mill can be seen in the top right hand corner. Railway sidings here are stocked with carriages. The black wooden goods shed appears to be in use and certainly material is being stored in the yard around it. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2006221_160763:Morley M 220]
Rooms Lane, Path to Cartlidge's Turkey Farm (Morley)
Colour imageMarch 1961. A view across to St. Bernard's, Gildersome, from the path to Cartlidge's Turkey Farm off Rooms Lane. A sunny, but hazy day. The young girl is looking towards Lister Cottages (white building near the end of Rooms Lane) and St. Bernard's Railway Station and Mill. Gildersome north (St. Bernard's) Railway Station was very short lived, open for passengers from about 1900 to 1921. The line between Gomersal and Leeds was an alternative to the main route between Leeds and Huddersfield. The freight building, used a little longer than the station, is to the left of the girl's head. At this time the signals on either side of the bridge under Rooms Lane were permanently set to go. St Bernard's Mill, seen in the centre distance, belonged to A. Womersley Ltd. Two long terraces for workers flanked it. It was demolished about 1970. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 20051011_27581423:Morley M 64]