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Location - Leeds & District

Harrogate Road no. 51, Stainbeck Corner nos. 2, 5 (Chapel Allerton) (1 comment)
Colour image2003 Looking across Harrogate Road to the junction with Stainbeck Lane. J.W. Bennett, selling electrical appliances is at number 51 Harrogate Road, moving right the location becomes Stainbeck Corner. Number 5 Stainbeck Corner is Wrap and Roll, then a branch of Leeds and Holbeck Building Society. Lucy Craske's Health and Beauty business is at number 2, David Michael hairdresser is on the right, number 1A.
[internal reference; 2004113_41581362:Community Photographs (Pack 9) no. 3]
Harrogate Road, Stainbeck Corner (Chapel Allerton) (1 comment)
Black & White image25th May 1948. View showing Harrogate Road by the junction with Stainbeck Lane, known as Stainbeck Corner. The Yorkshire Penny Bank is towards the right. Two trams are seen on the road : nos.407 (left) and 63 (right), both Chamberlains bound for Moortown.
[internal reference; 20091229_169932:LEO 4014]
Harrogate Road, tram no.110 (Chapel Allerton)
Black & White image1st June 1951. View showing Chamberlain tram no.110, on route 2 to Moortown, stopping to pick up passengers on Harrogate Road. To the left of the photo is no.51 Harrogate Road, which is home to J.W. Bennett radio and the Leeds and Holbeck Building Society, by the junction with Club Row. To the right is Stainbeck Corner, the junction with Stainbeck Lane, with the edge of the Yorkshire Pennny Bank just seen on the far right.
[internal reference; 20091229_169940:LEO 4031]
Stainbeck Corner (Chapel Allerton)
Black & White image18th July 1939. On the left number 5 Wallwork, selling clothing, then moving right, number 4 W.D. Perkins, bakers shop. Delivery van outside lists other branches at Moortown, Oakwood and Harehills. At number 3 Hargreaves Coal Merchants, also agent for 'Zip' dry cleaning, partially seen to the right, number 2 A. Benton, shoe shop. Stainbeck corner was situated at the junction of Stainbeck Lane and Harrogate Road.
[internal reference; 200243_35210818:C LIC Stain (14)]
Stainbeck Corner (Chapel Allerton)
Black & White image20th February 1936. Situated at the junction of Harrogate Road and Stainbeck Lane. Number 1 occupied by Miss Winifred Kimber, ladies and childrens hairdresser. To the left, number 2 Fred Smith radio dealer.
[internal reference; 2002627_71006412:C LIP Har ( 20 )]