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Location - Leeds & District

Burley Lane after a heavy snowfall (Horsforth)
Black & White image2011. View of Burley Lane after a heavy snowfall. Burley Lane runs between Stanhope Drive and the junction with Cragg Hill. The modern town houses on the right replaced old stone built terrace properties in Burley Lane, Cragg Hill, Cragg Hill Terrace, Chapel View and Yeadon Row. In the foreground, left, is a gateway belonging to a house in Cragg Terrace.
[internal reference; 2012911_174031:LEO 6943]
Stanhope Drive (Horsforth) (1 comment)
Black & White image1923. View of Stanhope Drive.
[internal reference; 200267_2026003:HO 199]
Stanhope Drive looking north east (Horsforth) (4 comments)
Black & White imagec1955. View of Stanhope Drive looking north east. The tree planting commemorates the fallen of the Great War. Each of the 212 trees represents a Horsforth son, brother or husband who gave his life. A further tribute is the boulder seen left on which is inscribed 'We lie dead in many lands that you may live here in peace'. Salmon Crescent curves in an arc behind the war memorial and can be accessed at either end from Stanhope Drive. On the land between Salmon Crescent and Stanhope Drive there was an annexe for Featherbank County Primary Infant School, a concrete building constructed in 1948. It later became Stanhope Drive Youth Club.
[internal reference; 2007111_162669:FRITH LEEDS 41 H118 HFH 11]
Stanhope Drive, Memorial Trees (Horsforth)
Colour imageDecember 2004. View of Stanhope Drive showing part of the avenue of trees planted as a memorial to the 211 men and one woman from the town who gave their lives in the First World War. Originally there was a name plaque on each tree but these have since been lost. However, the trees remain, along with a memorial stone at the centre of the avenue.
[internal reference; 20171115_176352:LEO 8716]