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Location - Leeds & District

Adel Lane (Adel)
Black & White image12th March 1953. The houses running along the west side of Adel Lane all show individual styles and finishes. Some are pebble-dash and brick, some have a plaster effect and just one is all brick. Each one has the same style stone wall and wooden gate. The tree in the centre has been trimmed and its companion has been chopped down. The waste timber can be seen ready for disposal.
[internal reference; 8494:CLIC Adel 8]
Armley Ridge Road (Armley) (5 comments)
Black & White image6th July 1950. There are stone walls running down both sides of the road. Behind the wall on the right there is a small brick house. In the background there is a row of shops. This pavement has two telegraph poles and a gas lamp post. Behind the wall on the left are several brick semi-detached houses. On the pavement are some mature trees and the measurements show how much of the pavement the large sycamore tree takes up.
[internal reference; 8500:CLIC Armley 18]
Armley Ridge Road, looking north (Armley)
Black & White image6th July 1950. This view shows Armley Ridge Road looking north just after the junction with Raynville Crescent. The main focus is a stone wall running along the pavement behind which are some brick dwellings. Both in front and behind the wall can be seen several mature trees. To the right, in the distance a car is just visible.
[internal reference; 8501:CLIC Armley 19]
Arthington Road (Eccup)
Black & White image15th August 1946. View of a small square-cut stone milestone. A hand points to right for Leeds and Harewood Bridge. Bramhope is indicated on right facing side. The milestone stands in front of a low stone wall.
[internal reference; 3050:CLID Arth 1]
Austhorpe Hall, Austhorpe Lane (Austhorpe) (23 comments)
Black & White image11th January 1950. View of Austhorpe Hall from muddy road across a field towards the house. The wall of the field is dry stone. There is a five barred gate and hedge round the field. The left hand side of the road was shortly to be developed into a row of semi-detached houses.
[internal reference; 3106:C LIE Austhorpe Hall 1]