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Location - Leeds & District

Broadway Hall from Broadway. (Horsforth)
Black & White image14th January 1980. Image is taken from Broadway looking over a high stone wall to Broaway Hall, right. The extension on Broadway Hall houses the firm of Bartlett & Co (Life & Pensions) Ltd. On the left, the white detached house is number 344 Broadway. Stone built cottages in the background, left, are in Stoney Lane. Broadway is part of the Leeds Outer Ring Road.
[internal reference; 2007919_164774:SLIP Horsforth 790]
Broadway Hall, entrance, Broadway (Horsforth)
Black & White image7th March 1980. View of the entrance off Broadway to Broadway Hall. Broadway is in the middleground running left to right. Broadway Hall bends round to the left of image in the foreground. To carry on straight ahead away from Broadway would bring you to Stoney Lane off camera foreground. In the background, far left, is the junction with Featherbank Lane and Featherbank School is visible. The houses number from left to right, 257 to 271 Broadway.
[internal reference; 2007918_164760:SLIP Horsforth]
Broadway looking in the direction of Woodside showing Broadway Hall. (Horsforth) (2 comments)
Black & White image14th January 1980. View of Broadway, part of the Leeds outer Ring Road, looking in the direction of Woodside. Broadway Hall is visible centrally. It was built in the early nineteenth century for a local family by the name of Blackburn.It used to be known as Bank House. Between 1930 and 1960 Broadway Hall was the venue for dances where local people met their future partners. Number 1 Stoney Lane is the road coming off Broadway, centre. The white property to the right of it is number 344 Broadway. The Bartlett Group (sign left of centre) are based at Broadway Hall.
[internal reference; 2007918_164770:SLIP Horsforth 786]
Broadway, looking across to Stoney Lane. (Horsforth)
Black & White image14th January 1980. View of Broadway, part of the Leeds Ring Road, looking across to Stoney Lane. The righthand entrance to Stoney Lane bends round in to Broadway Hall, not seen. Properties built in stone on the left number 1 to 7 Stoney Lane with 9 and 11 around the back, back-to-back with 5 and 7. Stoney Lane bends left and continues in a narrow uphill path, just behind where the car is seen. It joins Back Lane at the top, close to the bottom of Town Street. Houses in the background to the right of the tree are in Stoneycroft. The white house behind the grounds of Broadway Hall is number 1 Broadway Drive. The red brick built terraced homes at the extreme left edge are in Featherbank Grove. A sign for the Bartlett Group, Incorporated Insurance Brokers is visible. The company is based at Broadway Hall.
[internal reference; 2007919_164773:SLIP Horsforth 789]
Broadway, looking in the direction of Horsforth roundabout. (Horsforth)
Black & White image14th January 1980. View of Broadway looking in the direction of Horsforth Roundabout. It is part of the outer ringroad and there are broad grass verges on both sides of the road. At the right edge part of Broadway Hall is visible and in the background adjacent to it there are homes in Broadway Drive. The white detached property is number 344 Broadway. Behind the stone properties are in Stoney Lane. In the background left are terraced streets which run between New Road Side and Broadway. They include Charles Street, Back Rose Avenue, Rose Avenue, Rose Street and Rose Terrace.
[internal reference; 2007918_164769:SLIP Horsforth 785]