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Location - Leeds & District

Sutton Approach (Killingbeck) (2 comments)
Black & White image23rd April 1936. General retailers on Sutton Approach, part of the Sutton Trust development. The premises are now the offices of the trust.
[internal reference; 1460:CLIB Sutton 1]
Sutton Approach, the railway bridge from the top (York Road) (4 comments)
Black & White image21st June 1933. This view shows a dirt road crossing the railway bridge at the top of Sutton Approach on the Sutton Estate, now known as the William Sutton Trust. Sutton Approach is accessed from York Road opposite the junction with Killingbeck Drive where the Acorn Business Park is situated. The dirt track now leads to Primrose Valley. The hill to the right, part of the 'pit hills', lies behind the Dunhill estate. In the background there is a collection of wooden huts which are a greengrocers shop. The buildings on the far horizon (visible between the cottage and the wooden huts) are on Primrose Lane, Halton.
[internal reference; 9494:CLIB York 24]
York Road, junction with Sutton Approach (Killingbeck) (3 comments)
Black & White image1st July 1936. View of York Road from the junction with Sutton Approach. A telephone call box is seen on the corner, with a man sitting on the wall behind.
[internal reference; 20091120_169814:C LIB YORK 37]