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Location - Leeds & District

Ash Tree Grange, view from (Swarcliffe) (19 comments)
Black & White image1967 View from Ash Tree Grange, a block of high rise flats on the Swarcliffe Estate. Various examples of council housing are visible including houses, maisonettes and tower blocks. Ash Tree Grange was built to a height of 36 metres on 12 floors in 1965. Swarcliffe is, at present, undergoing a major, long term redevelopment which is managed by Yorkshire Transformations, a consortium made up of the Yorkshire Housing Group, building and maintenance contractors, John Mowlem & Company of Elland Road, and Halifax Bank of England. Before work was due to commence on the initiative in June 2005, the Ash Tree tower blocks underwent demolition along with the Langbars. A super long-reach excavator was hired, one of only two in the country with a reach of 40 metres to carry out the demolition. Yorkshire Transformations state that their aim is 'to improve the lives and homes of people living in Swarcliffe', and the project is planned in 5 year phases over the next 30 years.
[internal reference; 20031021_50199527:D LIB Whinmoor (1)]
Seacroft and Swarcliffe Estate, Maps and Plans (Seacroft) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Picture shows the proposed housing developments in Seacroft and Swarcliffe. The site for proposed schools is visible on the map.
[internal reference; 7352:CL3 Sea 3]
Swarcliffe Estate (Swarcliffe) (1 comment)
Black & White image22nd December 1952. icture shows a muddy area reserved for the Swarcliffe Estate in Seacroft. Rectangular plots have been dug out but are filled with water. Various industrial vehicles are parked all over the photo. Trees are also visible.
[internal reference; 6429:CLIB Swar 4]
Swarcliffe Estate (Swarcliffe)
Black & White image22nd December 1952. Large muddy area visible, reserved for the Swarcliffe Estate. Gas cylinder and metal post can be seen. Trees line the horizon.
[internal reference; 6431:CLIB Swar 1]
Swarcliffe Estate (Swarcliffe)
Black & White image22nd December 1952. Picture shows the area planned for the Swarcliffe Estate before the building work has begun. Large muddy area with a pump in the centre draining the flooded foundations. Trees line the horizon.
[internal reference; 6433:CLIB Swar 2]