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Front Walk looking towards Prospect Place and Bridge Road (Holbeck) (11 comments)
Black & White image1st May 1936. This view is taken from the partially demolished Front Walk and the vacant land that was Czar Street. On the left hand side of Front Walk, at number 27, is The Isle Tavern public house, a three storey building which was owned by Kirkstall Brewery at that time and is advertising their "Fine Ales". In the 1932 Kelly’s Directory of Leeds the landlord is listed as William Paul. There is a single storey building in the foreground which may have housed toilets and a midden. Between this building and the Isle Tavern is a narrow entrance which is shown on the 1890 OS map as Providence Court. Beyond the tavern is vacant land which was once occupied by back-to-back terraced properties in Front Walk (back-to-back with Crosland Street). Three posts are visible at the corner of the tavern which mark the width of Front Walk. After the third post it is possible to see where the properties in Czar Street stood as the road is slightly darker. Off camera, right would have been the burial ground of Isle Lane Wesleyan Chapel and also the Isle Lane, Czar Street Council School was located here. Facing straight ahead are more terraced properties. They have arched doorways and number 19, 19a, 20, 21 and 22 Bridge Road. We are seeing the rear of the houses which are shown on the 1890 map as backing on to Prospect Place. Obviously, this enclave of properties had gone by the time this photograph was taken. Dominating the background are the huge Holbeck Engine Sheds in Bridge Road and at the corner with Sweet Street West belonging to the locomotive department of the London, Midland and Scottish Railway. Behind the buildings on the left the Holbeck viaduct is visible.
[internal reference; 9942:CLIB ISLE 3]
Hunslet, aerial view (Hunslet)
Black & White imagec1970s. Aerial view of Hunslet showing the M1 running up from the bottom, passing the tower blocks of Crescent Grange and Crescent Towers on its left and Hunslet Gas Works further up on its right. Dewsbury Road leads off to the bottom left with Burton Row on the corner. Sweet Street leads up to the top left. The railway line runs to the right of the M1 with the A61 crossing it at the bottom right. At the centre right is Leathley Road, while further up are Hunslet Road, Hunslet Lane and Great Wilson Street, leading towards the city centre.
[internal reference; 2016622_175851:LEO 8367]
Leeds Anti-Bomb School (City Centre) (3 comments)
Black & White image6th August 1940. Image shows training at the Leeds Anti-Bomb School based at Sweet Street. This man, probably a Local Defence Volunteer, is being trained to put out on incendiary bomb. Armed with a coal shovel on a long stick and dustbin lid as a shield, wearing a helmet and goggles, the man crouches near the bomb. Incendiary bombs were burning phosphorus, a substance that required air to be activated and could only be put out by being deprived of air i.e. with sand or logging.
[internal reference; 2004116_39805239:N L4C Bomb (1)]
Marshall Street taken from the junction with Walton Street (Holbeck)
Colour image7th March 2008. View of Marshall Street taken from the junction with Walton Street, foreground left. The white vehicle is about to pull into Marshall Street from Sweet Street. The light coloured building on seven storeys is The Mint, new office space, still under construction at the time of the photograph. The two storey red brick building is occupied by the Leeds Youth Offending Service. In the background, left, a crane is in place at the new development at Granary Wharf, which includes a hotel and two apartment blocks. Bridgewater Place, the recently completed 32 storey tower block is also seen in the background.
[internal reference; 2008114_167793:LEO 3535b]
Marshall Street, The Commercial public house (Holbeck) (35 comments)
Black & White image2004. View of the Commercial public house at the junction of Marshall street, to the left, and Sweet Street to the right.
[internal reference; 2006126_160481:LEO 927]