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Abbey House Museum, Stephen Harding Gate (Kirkstall)
Colour imagec late 1960s. Interior view of Abbey House Museum showing a reconstructed Victorian Street, Stephen Harding Gate, named after St. Stephen Harding, Abbot of St. Citeaux, one of the founders of the Cistercian Order. Illingworth & Kilburn, on the left, is a typical grocers' shop of the late 1800s; this is followed by the glover and hosier's shop of Ann Carter. On the wall to the right is a Templar Cross, originally mounted on a building in Templar Street, which indicates that the building once belonged to the Manor of Whitkirk owned by the Knights' Templar.
[internal reference; 2014310_175046:LEO 7619]
Bridge Street (City Centre)
Black & White image29th January 1909. Bridge Street is in view, at the junction wiqth Templar Street. At the end of Bridge Street fencing has been erected to mark construction site. This was the building of New York Road, along the line of Hope Street.
[internal reference; 200253_29861086:C LIC Templar (1)]
Bridge Street nos. 14 - 28 (Leylands) (1 comment)
Black & White image25th April 1934. View of east side of Bridge Street prior to demolition. House on left is on junction with Templar Street and is of a newer design to all others in row. All are houses apart from number 38 and number 22(Craigs newsagent). Number 20 has a through arch to the right of the downstairs window leading to a courtyard of buildings behind Templar Street.
[internal reference; 2002319_11695498:C LIC Bridge (16)]
Bridge Street, East Side (Leylands)
Black & White image25th April 1934. View of back to back terrace of shops on east side of Bridge Street. Photo is taken from the right hand corner of Templar Street at the junction with Bridge Street. American Buttonhole Company can be seen at number 34 Bridge Street. All other businesses appear to be empty apart from number 40 which is a general store and number 42, grocers. There is a horse and cart and car parked just in front of New York Road Bridge.
[internal reference; 2002319_37936038:C LIC Bridge (15)]
Bridge Street, Templar Street Junction (City Centre)
Black & White image9th September 1907. Shop on corner, number 35 brick building terraced, B Cohen Wholesale & retail, tailor & dressmaker, trimming. Some men hold a measuring pole up to one of the houses watched by some children & young men. Two girls & a man are on the corner. Street is cobbled with puddles visible.
[internal reference; 2002319_90353030:C LIC Bridge (31)]