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Brewery Place, Brewery Wharf (City Centre)
Colour image2003. View of the south facing Brewery Place designed as a mixed use scheme incorporating leisure and business. The buildings sweep around in an arc converted from the former Tetley Museum and are constructed on two storeys. Office workers and residents of the nearby apartments are to be provided with cafes, bars and an external seating area at ground floor level. The development is constructed in glass and lightweight steel and at the other side there are spectacular views of the River Aire and The Calls. Photograph courtesy of The Rushbond Group PLC.
[internal reference; 2006210_160637:LEO 952]
Brewery Place, Brewery Wharf (City Centre)
Colour image2003. View of a new development called Brewery Place in the Brewery Wharf area of the riverside. The scheme involved the conversion of the circular former Tetley's Museum providing two storey mixed use accommodation. The many people who live and work in the area will have access to shopping and leisure facilities. The curved, paved area in front of the buildings benefits from a south facing position and will be set out with tables and seating. Photograph courtesy of The Rushbond Group PLC.
[internal reference; 2006210_160641:LEO 954]
Brewery Place, Brewery Wharf, former Tetley Museum (City Centre)
Colour image2003. View of the circular, structure of the former Tetley's Brewery Wharf Museum which opened on 19th March 1994 and closed on 7th April 2000. It has recently been converted to become Brewery Place as part of a huge development scheme on the waterfront. It is now the venue for Oracle, a bar and restaurant. Photograph courtesy of The Rushbond Group PLC.
[internal reference; 2006213_160665:LEO 963]
Brewery Place, Brewery Wharf, 'Steeped Vessels' sculpture (City Centre)
Colour image2006. This 6 metre high sculpture at Brewery Place, part of the £100 million Brewery Wharf scheme, is the largest in Leeds. Leeds developer, Rushbond PLC commissioned the public work of art and a competition was held to choose the sculptor who would rise to the challenge of producing something unique and striking for the landmark development. The sculptor who won the contract was Ian Randall, originally from Swillington. He worked alongside DLA Landscape and Urban Design, the architects. The £150,000 sculpture in bronze and stainless steel takes the form of three vertical boat shapes thrusting skywards which appear to be restrained by tie ropes. The sterns of the boats gradually change to the 'feathers' of barleycorn and there are pearls of barley, some at ground level which form seatng. The barley is a reference to the brewing industry which this part of Leeds was known for and where the Tetley's brewery was sited. Photograph courtesty of James William Bell.
[internal reference; 2006725_161577:LEO 1283]
Brewery Wharf, number 2, view from windows (City Centre)
Colour imageJanuary 2005. Image shows the view from some of the many windows, which are designed to let the light flood in to this four storey office block. It was designed by DLA Architecture of Wakefield. The view from these windows looks towards Waterloo Stret, Bowman Lane and the Tetley's Brewery. Photograph courtesy of The Rushbond Group PLC.
[internal reference; 201067_170815:LEO 976]