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Selby Road showing The Brown Cow Public House (Whitkirk) (2 comments)
Colour image2000. View of Selby Road showing the entrance to the car park of The Brown Cow public house. The painted pub sign can be seen to the right. The Brown Cow is built of brick and has tall, arched windows. In 2002 it was refurbished and re-opened on 27th May. In conjunction with the refurbishment, a new Travel Inn was built on the old ASDA site at the rear. Guests staying at the Travel Inn can partake of meals at The Brown Cow which, at the present time, has a Big Steak Restaurant.
[internal reference; 2003912_47042483:MIL C/1. No.16]
The Brown Cow Public House, Selby Road (Whitkirk) (7 comments)
Colour image2000. The building seen here replaces the original Brown Cow public house which was the location for manorial court sessions at one time for Whitkirk and Temple Newsam. These dealt with aspects of land administration and issues concerning tenants. The present building, pictured, was designed by Sydney Kitson, Architects, and opened on October 10th 1941. It is sited on land once occupied by outbuildings of the original pub. The Brown Cow has recentley been closed for major refurbishment and re-opened on 27th May 2002. It has a restaurant and services the new Travel Inn built in 2002, since this photograph was taken, on the old ASDA site at the rear.
[internal reference; 2003912_99045963:MIL C/1. No.18]