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Location - Leeds & District

Boar Lane (City Centre)
Colour image21st September 1999.Looking down Boar Lane towards the Corn Exchange. To the left is The Square on The Lane, bar and C&A, department store. On the right is Greggs, bakers and the BT Cellnet shop, telephone shop. Also visible are two telephone kiosks and a bus.
[internal reference; 10184:MIL 12/29]
Far Moss,The Avenue junction (Alwoodley) (2 comments)
Black & White image14th May 1980. View of Far Moss showing the junction with The Avenue and The Lane on the right. Behind the trees on the Left is no 24 The Avenue, a doctor's surgery.
[internal reference; 2005124_58662051:S LIE AVENUE 231]
Lowtown showing old stone-built properties (Pudsey)
Colour image1981. View of Lowtown showing old stone-built properties. They number from left to right, 78, 78a, 80 (Top Gear), 82 (Shoetime) and 84 (E.V. Norfolk's butcher's business). Number 84 Lowtown is at the junction with The Lanes, right edge.
[internal reference; 20101018_171392:LEO 6462]
Lowtown, numbers 80 to 84 (Pudsey)
Colour image1982. Image shows old stone property in Lowtown numbered, from the left edge, 80 to 84. At number 82 is Shoetime and at 84 Lowtown is a butcher's run by E.V. Norfolk. The junction with The Lanes is on the right.
[internal reference; 20101018_171390:LEO 6460]
The Avenue, Far Moss junction (Alwoodley)
Black & White image14th May 1980. View looking west along The Avenue, with the junction with Far Moss on the left and The Lane on the right. Behind the trees on the left is no.24 The Avenue, and on the right nos. 65-51 The Avenue can be seen.
[internal reference; 2005124_66274661:S LIE AVENUE 226]