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Location - Leeds & District

Market Place through the arch of the Three Legs Inn (Wetherby)
Black & White image1965 View of the Market Place through the arched coach entrance of the Three Legs Inn. At number 20 Market Place,on the right, is the single storey shop frontage of Albert Ward's Newsagents with advertising for the Yorkshire Post and Evening Post. Another bill-board, when magnified, says 'Spotlight on Wetherby, part 5'. The newsagents is on the corner of the Market Place with Cross Street. Looking down the left hand side of Cross Street a sign with red lettering indicates the offices of 'The Wetherby Express' at first floor level.
[internal reference; 20041013_81730289:LEO/WBY_0128]
The Headrow (City Centre)
Colour image22nd September 1999.The Three Legs pub on The Headrow. There are people walking past. A bus stop is in front of the pub.
[internal reference; 10387:MIL 15/x]
The Headrow (City Centre)
Black & White image3rd July 1936. This view shows the Headrow at the junction with Vicar Lane. On the extreme right just in shot is the Three Legs public house, then, Browns Furnishers, the Pram Shop then Waldenberg Brothers another Furniture shop. H Brown & Son grocers and bakers comes next. The Corner Shop is empty but has a Guinness sign on the window. A street lamp stands on the road divider and a car waits at the crossing.
[internal reference; 9883:CLIC HEADROW 47]
The Headrow (City Centre)
Black & White image1937. Left, no 5 - shop - Lithgow, perambulator maker 'The Pram Shop'. Entrance to Rockley Hall Yard, Rockley Hall was once an ancient estate. No 7, H. Brown furnishings. No 9, The Three Legs of Man public house, still retains its glazed victorian facade. Next is nos. 11 and 13 premises of C Parkes and Co - wine and spirit merchants and 'The Vine' public house, landlord J.C Birch. nos. 15, 17 and 19 occupied by Cromwells (furnishings) Ltd - frontage is obscured by a lorry. Entrance to Bramleys Yard, once an unhealthy area with houses and workshops. nos. 21 and 23, premises of Rowlands Bros - house furnishers. Various cars and vehicles parked at roadside.
[internal reference; 9912:CLIC HEADROW 43]
The Headrow (City Centre)
Black & White image17th November 1937. On left, no 5, part of sign for 'Pram Shop' can be seen, owned by S Lithgow perambulater maker. Next is the entrance to Rockley Hall Yard, once part of the ancient Rockley Hall estate. Premises of Brown and Co house furnishers at no 7. Three Legs of Man inn is at no 9 - landlady Mrs Beatrice Grant. Victorian exterior with glazed tiles, three legs logo etched on to windows, also on hanging sign, also Tetley Huntsman sign. nos. 11-13 owned by Chas Parkes and Co, wholesale wine and spirit merchants est 1850. These premises consist of the 'Olde Wine Lodge' and the 'Vine' public house, Landlord V.C Birch. The 'Vine' sign is a bunch of grapes. Vehicle on left, registration UG 3363 has load of cloths or rags, car, registration, CUA 397 parked outside 'Vine'
[internal reference; 9914:CLIC HEADROW 44]