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Bill from Foxholes Colliery to Thwaite Mills (Methley) (3 comments)
Colour image8th July 1870. Bill from Fox Holes Colliery, Methley, to Thomas Horn of Thwaite Mills. Most of the materials delivered to Thwaite were delivered by sailing barges on the Aire and Calder Navigation. In this case the 'Duchess' was delivering coal.
[internal reference; 2003515_12562197:Leeds Museums Thwaite 5]
Compressor, Thwaite Mills (Stourton) (1 comment)
Black & White imageFebruary 1984. Photograph of a compressor built by WH Horn at Thwaite Mills. The Horn family owned the mills from 1872 - 1976. Between 1900-1915 the Horns experimented with producing engineering goods.
[internal reference; 2003515_44999331:Leeds Museums TMS 1993.482]
Stone Exhibit, Thwaite Mills (Stourton) (1 comment)
Colour image18th November 1999 View of Stone Exhibit in grounds of Thwaite MIlls Watermill museum
[internal reference; 2002812_23644656:MIL]
Swing Bridge at Thwaite Mills (Stourton) (1 comment)
Colour imageStourton. View of the iron swing bridge which crosses the River Aire at Thwaite Mills. It connected the Hunslet Goods Yard rail line to Stourton Goods Yard. The lock-keeper's house is visible in the background left of centre. The bridge was demolished in 1977 although the circular stone pivet still stands. A Morris traveller is parked in front of it.
[internal reference; 2009219_168458:LEO 3727]
Swing Bridge, Thwaite Mills (Stourton)
Black & White imagec. 1900. View of the swing bridge across the Aire and Calder Navigation at Thwaite Mills. Several people in period dress stand on and around the bridge and a wooden crane can be seen beyond the bridge. Alongside is a pennyman's hut. A man would earn a living taking a penny from every boat he let through the bridge.
[internal reference; 2003515_99154300:Leeds Museums TMS 1993.471]