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Fox and Hounds, Tinshill Road (Cookridge) (9 comments)
Colour imageOctober 2003 The original Fox and Hounds was within the boundaries of Horsforth and occupied the bottom floor of a three storey building, the topfloor of which housed a weaving shed. It was bought by the Railways Board, prior to Horsforth Station opening in 1849, for use as a ticket office. The license was transferred to this building. The windows interestingly, are replicas in design and costruction of those found at Kirkstall Abbey House Museum.
[internal reference; 2003124_67187137:Community Photographs (Pack 1) no. 28]
Tinshill Road (Cookridge)
Black & White image26th June 1947. A caravan site on the land between Tinshill Road and Wood Hill rise. The site contains a bus, converted into a dwelling and a fenced off area has a small hut which is probably also a dwelling. At the top of the view stands a row of semi detached houses. The far distance is occupied by a line of trees. A 'No Trespass'sign is prominent in the foreground.
[internal reference; 8244:C LIB Tinshill 1]
Tinshill Road, Gamekeepers Cottage (Cookridge) (2 comments)
Black & White image1986 View shows a stone cottage situated on Tinshill Road. At the time of the sale of the Cookridge Estate in 1919, this property was known as the Gamekeepers Cottage. It is situated on an ancient site at Tinshill Road.
[internal reference; 20031024_17931765:D LIE Tinshill (3)]
Tinshill Road, Gamekeepers Cottage (Cookridge) (4 comments)
Black & White image1986 View shows a gamekeepers cottage on Tinshill Road. Poachers were common in the 19th century and estate owners would employ gamekeepers to protect their stock. Before becoming a gamekeepers residence, this property and particularly the barn, had been used as a carpenters shop for over 200 years.
[internal reference; 20031024_64312381:D LIE Tinshill (4)]
Tinshill Road, Gamekeepers Cottage (Cookridge)
Black & White image1986 View shows the rear of a gamekeepers cottage and adjoining barn on Tinshill Road. In the 1861 census, Charles Hunt is listed as residing here as a farmer of 8 acres and a carpenter. He paid £6 for 6 months rent.
[internal reference; 20031024_71882266:D LIE Tinshill (5)]