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Calverley C.of E. Primary School, Town Gate, Calverley (Calverley)
Colour image2000/2001 Image shows Calverley C. of E. Primary School located in Town Gate behind the Parish Church of St.Wilfred. A church school had existed since the 17th century (Sir Walter Calverley attended for 6 years from 1675). It was originally situated in the churchyard but was demolished in 1840 and rebuilt on a different site outside the churchyard. The Lord of the Manor found the new site unsatisfactory and again the school was pulled down and rebuilt in 1878. It had places for 150 pupils and cost around £1.700 to build. It was intended as a memorial to the late vicar, Reverand Alfred Brown M.A. and was instigated by parishioners and friends of St.Wilfred's.
[internal reference; 201183_172522:LEO 5517]
Calverley Parish Church of St. Wilfrid from Town Gate, Calverley (Calverley)
Colour image2000/2001 Image shows Calverley Parish Church of St.Wilfrid from Town Gate. The church with square tower dates from 1154. To the left of the church are numbers 1 and 3 Church House, near to the junction with Carr Road. This three storey, Grade 2 listed building was built in the mid-eighteenth century.
[internal reference; 201183_172517:LEO 5512]
Calverley Parish Church, watercolour by Fred Swaine (Calverley)
Colour imageUndated. Image is from a watercolour by local artist, Fred Swaine and shows the parish church of St. Wilfrid, looking across from the estate of Calverley House. The building to the left is a fine example of Georgian architecture and is situated on Carr Road. It is an early form of semi-detached housing, one originally a farm with outbuildings, and the other in use for church purposes. The properties are addressed as numbers 1 and 3 Town Gate. Copyright Fred Swaine.
[internal reference; 2008131_165964:LEO 2687]
Capel Street, looking towards Town Gate (Calverley)
Black & White imageUndated. View of Capel Street dropping down towards Town Gate. A group of children stand in the street and a wagon is parked outside houses on the right.
[internal reference; 2005419_96957034:CA 71]
Carr Place nos. 1 - 8 (Holbeck) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated, Looking across Town Gate to Carr Place at properties numbered 1 to 8, photographed prior to demolition.
[internal reference; 2003630_88111514:WYAS Meynell Street, Box 74/1, no. 15]