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Location - Leeds & District

Bridge Street and Trafalgar Street (City Centre) (1 comment)
Black & White image6th April 1909. Corner of Bridge Street and Trafalgar Street showing waste land in foreground, and two corner shops on opposite sides of road. Street lamp on corner and woman entering one of the shops.
[internal reference; 689:CLIB Bridge 7]
Copenhagen Street (Leylands)
Black & White image15th May 1931 Part of Copenhagen Street had been demolished in 1908 to build New York Road. In the bottom left corner is a portion of the wall which edged the road. Copenhagen, Nile and Trafalgar streets were reputed to have been built by the Bischoff family to commemorate Nelson's victory at Trafalgar in 1805. On the walls at the end of the street are advertisements, two for holidays on the Isle of Man. Premises of London and Warrington Leather Company fronted onto Trafalgar Street, number 56.
[internal reference; 2002424_84936160:C LIC Copen (11)]
Nile Street, Trafalgar Street Yards (Leylands)
Black & White image1901. View along the backs of Nile and Trafalgar Streets, showing yards, divided by walls.
[internal reference; 2002109_74262637:Unhealthy Areas, Volume 4, page 82 (LQ 331.833 L517)]
North Street, number 58, William Myers Ltd., Tailors, Dressmakers and Trimmings (Leylands) (1 comment)
Black & White imagec1974/1975. View of buildings in North Street. A sign is displayed on the exterior wall of number 58 North Street. It reads 'Wm Myers Ltd., Tailors & Dressmakers, trimmings'. The property is situated not far from the corner with Trafalgar Street.
[internal reference; 2010113_170061:LEO 4779]
Trafalgar Street (Leylands) (2 comments)
Black & White image1901. Number 18 Trafalgar Street, business of Friedman, jeweller and watch maker. To the left, I. Levi, tailor and outfitter. The gable end has a large advertisement for the Empire Theatre, featuring 'Knowles' American comedian. This street was designated an Unhealthy Area under the 1901 Housing Act.
[internal reference; 20021010_37217349:Unhealthy Areas, Volume 1, Number 5 (LQ 331.833 L517) ]