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Location - Leeds & District

Austhorpe Road, Traveller's Rest (Cross Gates) (6 comments)
Black & White image1905. Austhorpe Road with the Traveller's Rest Inn, it was to be replaced by a newer public house of the same name a short distance away on the Ring Road roundabout. This was after 1946. On the right of the public house is a sweet shop.
[internal reference; 20031030_36300295:D LIB Cross Gates (1)]
Crossgates, Aerial View (Cross Gates)
Black & White imageUndated. Aerial view of Crossgates with the roundabout at the centre. The central road at the bottom left-hand corner is Station Road with Farm Road going off to the left and Austhorpe Road off to the right. The light-coloured building is the library with the police station slightly to the right of it at the rear. Off to the top left-hand corner is Crossgates Road and then Crossgates Lane. Between the junctions of these two roads the Regal Cinema stands. Crossgates Ring Road runs to the right edge and the curve of Manston Crescent is also just visible below the centre of the right edge. Towards the bottom right-hand corner runs Tranquility Avenue and crossing the actual corner is Tranquility. The Traveller's Rest Public House is seen on Austhorpe Road, just up from the centre of the bottom edge. This pub was later demolished and by the late 1960s another pub of the same name had been built at the junction of Cross Gates Lane and Cross Gates Ring Road, on a site which had previously been a day nursery but on this picture is empty land.
[internal reference; 2010215_170300:C LIB CROSSGATES 20]
Ring Road, Cross Gates (Cross Gates) (2 comments)
Black & White image24th October 1941. ection of Ring Road at Cross Gates. In the background is a fairground roundabout covered in tarpaulin. A caravan is parked next to it. The fair is on the site of the current Red Lion public house, formerly known as the Traveller's Rest. Soon after the Second World War the land housed a day nursery, prior to the erection of the Traveller's Rest. The building at the back is the Regal Cinema, which opened in November 1936 and closed in January 1964.
[internal reference; 786:CLIB Crossgates 4]
Town Street, Stanningley (Stanningley)
Black & White imagec1907.View of Town Street, Stanningley, looking north-east. On the right can be seen the junction with Richardshaw Lane, where a group of children are posing for the camera. At the junction is the Sun Hotel, licensee William Henry Moore, followed by the Stanningley & District Working Men's Coal Association at number 2 Town Street. On the left of the image is the junction with Sunfield and Spring Valley and the London City & Midland Bank at number 1 Town Street, followed by the Old Traveller's Rest Inn, licensee Joseph Clayburn at number 3.
[internal reference; 2018110_176434:LEO 8835]
Traveller's Rest Inn, Austhorpe Road (Cross Gates) (4 comments)
Black & White image1906. Image shows Traveller's Rest Inn on Austhorpe Road. A lamp on the side of the inn can be seen in left corner of photograph. A girl stands by one of the windows of the inn. Next door is a shop with advertisements on the walls for Fry's chocolate, Lipton's Tea, Brooke Bond Tea and Rowntree's Cocoa. A woman is standing in the shop doorway.
[internal reference; 9337:Lin Crossgates 1 (browsing neg no 301)]