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Dawson Hill, view from (Morley)
Colour imageOctober 1966. Looking from Dawson Hill across Queen Street (here Scatcherd Hill) to St. Mary's-in-the-Wood Church and the Morley Observer Printing Works on top of Troy Hill. The newspaper works occupied a building which was formerly the New Town School i.e. the Sunday and Day School of Morley Old Chapel (St. Mary's) which became redundant when the new Sunday School was built on Commercial Street opposite the Public Library. When this photograph was taken, the old shops from the junction of Queen Street and Dawson Hill through to the traffic lights in Morley Bottoms had just been demolished, but no attempt to widen the road and pavement or beautify the demolition site had yet been made. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 20051011_72585696:Morley M 55]
Morley Bottoms (Morley)
Colour imageMay 1963. View of Morley Bottoms. One of the earliest parts of Morley to flourish in the development of the town was Morley Bottoms, and in the second half of the nineteenth century several series of steps up and down steep slopes were built in that area. This set of over sixty steps was built from Troy Hill to the bottom of Scatcherd Hill. The photograph was taken in May 1963 when the road to Morley Bottoms was still narrow. In 1966 the buildings across the middle ground of the picture were demolished and the rag warehouse (below the mill chimney) was opened up on to Queen Street. Workers whose job was too far away from home to walk there and back in the hour lunch break often took their own lunch to the mill, (like the textile worker seen here), and brewed up a 'cuppa' there or visited a convenient corner shop. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2006125_160453:Morley M 170]
Morley House, from Scatcherd Lane (Morley)
Black & White imageUndated. A view of the rear and back garden of Morley House from a spoil heap off Scatcherd Lane; also a view down Scatcherd Lane to Queen Street of St. Mary's-in-the-Wood on Troy Hill, and the roofs of houses along the highest point of Zoar Street. Probably taken about 1900. A good deal of the gardens of Morley House is obscured by trees, but there is no Scatcherd Park and not much of St. Mary's is obscured. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 20051013_72153872:Morley M 370]
Morley Magistrates Court, First Sitting, Official Photograph (Morley)
Black & White image24th April 1893. This is the official photograph for the first sitting of the newly appointed borough magistrates taken outside the Old Town School on Troy Hill. The magistrates court in the Town Hall which was being built at this time had not been completed, but it was opened in 1895 before the official opening of the Town Hall on 16th October 1895. On the back row are members of the West Riding Constabulary serving in Morley. On the front row (left to right) are: J. W. Hepworth J.P.; Alderman T. Clough J.P.; Joseph Kirkby J.P.; Alderman J. Schofield J.P.; Sam Rhodes J.P. (later to become Mayor four times); Alderman Samuel Stockdale (The Mayor - later to become a J.P. in 1895); D. Hinchcliff J.P.; O. Scatcherd J.P.; J. Dixon J.P.; W. Holton J.P.; R. Borrough Hopkins (Town Clerk); D. Thackray J.P. and F. Thackray (assistant to the Town Clerk). The three new magistrates missing from the photograph are C. Scarth J.P.; E. F. Scholes J.P. and T. S. Smeeth J.P. NB - There is a possibility that the gentleman identified as D. Hincliff J.P. is actually one of the J.P.s' recorded as absent, T. S. Smeeth, so if anyone has information that assists with the correct identification of this man it will be much appreciated. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2005106_69791812:Morley M 318]
Old Town's School and first Courthouse, Troy Hill, sketch (Morley)
Black & White image3rd December 1895. Image shows a sketch made in 1895 of the Old Town's and first Courthouse in Troy Hill, published bt Messrs. Stead & Sons. Many of the affairs of Morley's government were conducted here including the first sitting of the Morley Court on 24th April 1893. It transferred to the new Town Hall on 1st July 1895. The first Local Board, made up of twelve members began meeting here in 1862 when the Board was formed. The date of the building is uncertain although it is known to have been a dwelling house until 1720, when it was leased and converted to a school by Earl of Dartmouth, William Walter. It remained as a school for 140 years in accordance with the Earl of Dartmouth's desire that 'the youth of that place should be taught reading, writing and good manners'. Photograph from David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 2007215_162947:MORLEY M 1761]