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Location - Leeds & District

Main Street, Unicorn Inn (Carlton)
Colour image2005. View from Main Street showing the Unicorn Inn, a detached building with a smart black and white painted exterior. A blackboard at the entrance advertises the opening times of the restaurant. Number 26 Main Street is at the right edge.
[internal reference; 2005525_64681643:COMM 10/5]
Stocks Hill and Town Well, Lower Town Street (Bramley) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated. old black and white image in postcard format showing Stocks Hill and the Town Wells. The high retaining wall is now Grade 2 listed and dates from the late 18th century. It acts as a retainer to the raised pavement and is approximately 3 metres at its highest point and 30 metres in length. Built in gritstone, it is topped with stone coping and plain iron railings. It contains rusticated ashlar segmental arched niches. One of these houses a drinking trough and the other a cast iron water pump with a lion-mask handle and tray. The pair of old, stone cottages and other old properties were demolished in 1936 for road improvements to Bramley Town Street. The gabled roof of the Unicorn Inn is partially seen, right of centre. It is built at right angles to Stocks Hill.
[internal reference; 200266_13274783:Ho 367]
Stocks Hill, Lower Town Street (Bramley) (4 comments)
Black & White image20th September 1933. View of Stocks Hill, Lower Town Street showing a block of stone built shop properties numbering 145A to 147. At the left edge is the butcher's shop belonging to Miss Isa Busfield (later to become Mrs Isa Croft) at number 145A, then Dunkirk Photographic Studios at number 147A, the business of James Blakey, 'Kiddies' portraits a speciality'. There is a large sign on the exterior wall that reads "Someone Somewhere Wants Your Photograph". This is followed by Leeds Permanent Building Society at number 147 with the pediment over the entrance. After this block there is a gateway advertising a garage offering motor car and motor cycle repairs. The next properties are a row of three-storey houses at right angles to Stocks Hill, numbering 149 to 155, and now demolished. There is a painted sign for the Unicorn Inn on the gable end of a pair of cottages. These cottages were demolished in 1936 to allow for the road improvements to Bramley Town Street and the occupants were re-housed. The Unicorn Inn is behind these on a site at right angles to Stocks Hill. Visible on the right is the Grade 2 listed retaining wall, topped with railings, which housed two town wells.
[internal reference; 1578:C LIB Stocks 4]
Stocks Hill, Properties in Lower Town Street (Bramley)
Black & White image15th September 1933. View of properties in Stocks Hill, Lower Town Street. The three-storey, stone built block on the left houses numbers 145 to 147A. Number 147A, at the left edge is the premises of James Blakey, photographer, and examples of his work are displayed in the window. A woman is holding a small child up to the window to get a better view of the photographs. Moving right, number 147 is a branch of the Leeds Permanent Society. Next, there are the entrance gates for a garage, advertising the repair of motor cars and motor cycles. After the gates there is the end of a row of stone built, three-storey houses, now demolished, numbering 149 to 155 Lower Town Street. Numbers 153 and 155 appear to have once been part of one, large Georgian style house. Behind, there is a painted sign on the wall of a pair cottages, advertising the Unicorn Inn for Beers, Wines and Spirits. These cottages were demolished in 1936 to make way for road improvements to Bramley Town Street, and the occupants had to be rehoused. Two women, one wearing a patterned pinafore are visible standing in the doorway of the left-hand cottage. The gable end with arched window to the right has a sign pointing to the Sunshine Laundry in Wilson Place on the east side of Lower Town Street. The Unicorn Inn is sited behind all these properties and is out of view, located at right angles to Stocks Hill. There is a high retaining wall and railings edging Stocks Hill that contains two recesses, one housing a drinking trough and the other a cast iron water pump with a lion-mask handle and tray.
[internal reference; 2002514_12699526:C LIC Stocks (14)]