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Brander Mount, V.E. Day Street Party (Gipton) (26 comments)
Black & White image1945. Image shows a street party underway in Brander Mount in celebration of V.E. Day. Most of the children are seated at tables arranged in a long line in the road, and many are wearing party hats. The adult residents have clubbed together to provide a party tea for everyone. Musical entertainment is being contributed by a young woman with an accordian, seen towards the left. Among the residents of Brander Mount are Alice and Alf Whitehead of number 85, and their grandson, Les Deighton. A woman is holidng up a V for victory sign and she is thought to be Betty Douglas. The lady in the foreground, kneeling, in floral apron and holding a baby, is believed to be Mrs. Chapman. Other names include Steven and Frank Chapman, Ricky Mitchell, Alec Murphy and a family called Brady. Image and information courtesy of L.W. Deighton.
[internal reference; 2010222_170339:LEO 4844]
Holborn Street, V.E. Street Party (Woodhouse) (1 comment)
Black & White imageMay 1945. This street party in celebration of V.E. Day is typical of hundreds taking place throughout the country at this time. It is being held in a yard behind numbers 36, 38 and 40 Holborn Street in May 1945. Trestle tables and benches have been set up in the yard and the adults have clubbed together to produce a spread of sandwiches, cakes and jam tarts. Children, some in fancy dress, are seated at the tables partaking of the party food. The atmosphere is happy and both children and adults are seen making the 'V' for 'victory' sign with their fingers, symbolic of 'Victory in Europe' and signifying an end to World War II. V.J. Day, Victory in Japan, was to follow in the August of 1945.
[internal reference; 2007611_163841:LEO 1623]
Scott Hall Hotel, Street Party (Potternewton) (4 comments)
Black & White image1945. Image shows many people, mainly women and children, gathered together for a street party organised by the Scott Hall Hotel in celebration of either V.E. or V.J. day in 1945. The Scott Hall Hotel is situated on Sholebroke Mount between Sholebroke Street and Scott Hall Grove. The shops seen in the background are on the south side of Sholebroke Mount and include, from left to right, William C. Speight, Grocer at number 47, Ernest Johnson, fried fish dealer at number 49 (with the crosses on the windows) and Edwin Crow, confectioners at number 51. Part of the Scott Hall Hotel is visible at the top, left. The children, many wearing party hats, appear to be holding paper bags which are likely to contain their party tea. They are also armed with mugs. These are local families from the surrounding streets and the smiling little girl in the print dress in the centre of the front row is Joyce Burrow who lived at number 3 Scott Hall Grove. Other party goers incude Duggie Harrison, Margaret Murray, Jean Fletcher, Hilda Fletcher, Edward Horsfall, Sheila Barber, Mrs. Paley, Jimmy Grimes, Anne Speight, Joe Barber, Terry Lenton and Kathleen Barker.
[internal reference; 2012221_173286:LEO 5846]
Town Hall Buildings, V.E. Day (Morley)
Black & White image8th May 1945. View of the Town hall Buildings decorated with flags in celebration of V.E. Day. Many people can be seen in Queen street, some from the forces. A sign towards the right says 'Prisoners of War' Packing Centre. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 20061214_162524:MORLEY M 1624]
V.E. Day (Wetherby)
Black & White image8th May 1945 The banner of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes, a society committed to 'the pursuit of Brotherhood' is carried through the streets on V.E. Day. The order is open to all adult men regardless of social position, faith or politics. The Wetherby Lodge was established at the George and Dragon in 1924.
[internal reference; 20041011_18902224:LEO/WBY_0104]