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Location - Leeds & District

Edith Terrace, off Bristol Street (Sheepscar)
Colour image15th January 1929. View of Edith Terrace, a short terrace of houses off Brisol Street, seen in the foreground. Valley Street is on the left. This terrace would shortly be demolished to make way for Sheepscar Street South.
[internal reference; 2009115_169738:C LIC EDITH 2]
Valley Street (Sheepscar) (2 comments)
Black & White image15th January 1929. Situated between Bristol Street and Benson Street, block of back-to-back terrace houses. on the right is Henbury Street.
[internal reference; 200251_7712954:C LIC Val (1)]
Valley Street (Sheepscar)
Black & White image7th May 1959 View of Valley Street, looking from Bristol Street towards Benson Street. This is the even numbered side of the street beginning with 10 and going down the street to 24. On the wall is an advertisement for Nestle chocolate.
[internal reference; 200319_60259646:WYAS (Sheepscar) Box no 16/1, no 27]
Valley Street (Sheepscar) (1 comment)
Black & White image12th May 1959 Looking from Benson Street (number 28 is on the left) down Valley Street towards Bristol Street. This is the even numbered side of the street.
[internal reference; 200319_91350955:WYAS (Sheepscar) Box no 16/1, no 38]
Valley Street (Sheepscar)
Black & White image7th May 1959 This is the odd numbered side of Valley Street, from 11 on the left to 33 on the right. View looks from Bristol Street to Benson Street. In the street two women pause to talk, one is about to put a washing line across the street, using a clothes prop to hook the line up on the walls. The other has a brush in her hand.
[internal reference; 200319_96041507:WYAS (Sheepscar) Box no 16/1, no 28]