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Location - Leeds & District

Vincent Street (City Centre)
Black & White imageUndated estimated 1920s. A somewhat derelict terrace of houses fronted by a road made of stone sets. In the background on the left is a tall chimney of the premises of Morris Ltd, clothiers.
[internal reference; 1833:CLIB Vin 1]
Vincent Street, nos. 1 - 15 (York Road)
Black & White imagec1932. View of terraced houses on the east side of Vincent Street, in descending order from no. 15 on the right, where three women are seen by the door. Vincent Street was situated off York Road, just off the picture to the right. The houses were demolished around the late 1930s.
[internal reference; 2015529_175492:S LIC VINC 1]
Vincent Street, showing rear of Fleece Inn (Richmond Hill) (1 comment)
Black & White imagec1938 View of Vincent Street showing the rear of the Fleece Inn, which faces out onto York Road, on the right. The area is in the process of slum clearance and some houses on the left have already been demolished, giving a view through to Plaid Row.
[internal reference; 2007127_165580:LEO 2449]
York Road, Fleece Inn (Richmond Hill)
Black & White imagec1938 View of York Road showing the Fleece Inn at no.30, between the junctions with Vincent Street, in the foreground, and Plaid Row, on the right. Two men are at work digging where it appears that some demolition has taken place of buildings to the left of Vincent Street. The Fleece Inn belongs to the Albion Brewery who have a large sign on the wall of the pub.
[internal reference; 2007127_165579:LEO 2448 ]
York Road, nos.32-34 (Richmond Hill)
Black & White imagec1938 View of the south side of York Road showing nos.32 and 34, between Rodney Street on the left and Vincent Street on the right. These former shops have closed down prior to demolition and are covered with advertising hoardings, including one for the Empire Theatre. Just visible to the right of Vincent Street is the Fleece Inn.
[internal reference; 2007127_165581:LEO 2450]