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Location - Leeds & District

North Street, numbers 186 to 200 (Sheepscar) (1 comment)
Black & White imagec1974/1975. Image taken looking south down North Street from the direction of Sheepscar interchange. The old, semi derelict three-storey properties in view are numbered, from left to right, 200 to 186 North Street. At number 200, left, is Goff Jackson Gramophones, quality Hi Fi Specialists with a sign above the window informing that the firm has now moved to number 14 Hyde Park Corner. Steve's Secondhand Goods 'bought for cash' is at number 198, and L. Kelvin, Antiques is at number 192. Unique Agencies is situated at 190 North Street. At the right edge is the junction with Benson Street and the white building is the Eagle Hotel. Vulcan Street runs behind these properties which are all now demolished.
[internal reference; 2010112_170048:LEO 4766]
North Street, Sheepscar Street South (Sheepscar)
Black & White image15th November 1968. View looking east from North Street to Sheepscar Street South. On the left is Appleyard of Leeds Ltd. In the distance are two large brick chimneys. Traffic is queuing at traffic lights in the centre of the photo. On the right are the terraced houses of Vulcan Street, with an advertising hoarding on the gable end. Two cars move across the foreground.
[internal reference; 7921:CLIB Sheep 78]
Vulcan Street (Sheepscar)
Black & White image18th October 1962 On the right is Vulcan Street, the parked vehicle belonged to Leeds City Cleansing Department and was used to clean streets and storm sewers. To the right is the Golden Cross Cafe, this is at the corner with North Street, which ran parallel to Vulcan Street. On the wall of the cafe is an advertisement for B.O.A.C. (British Overseas Airways Corporation) flights to Australia.
[internal reference; 200318_13715762:WYAS (Benson Street) Box no 16/2, no 4]
Vulcan Street (Sheepscar) (3 comments)
Black & White image18th October 1962 On the left is number 2A, M. Babbin upholstery works, facing large factory used by various companies. This building faced Sheepscar Street and was also 19 Benson Street. It housed M. Brosgall, trouser maker and Moss Miller, general warehousemen. The houses on the right numbered from 17 at the far end to 7 on the right.
[internal reference; 200318_45191592:WYAS (Benson Street) Box no 16/2, no 9]
Vulcan Street (Sheepscar)
Black & White image18th October 1962 View of Vulcan Street looking towards Appleyard's petrol filling station and car showroom. This was at the junction with North Street, Sheepscar Street and Chapeltown Road. On Vulcan Street are the premises of George Calvert, fat refiners, this is the taller building with the chimney, it was number 22.
[internal reference; 200318_49729556:WYAS (Benson Street) Box no 16/2, no 6]