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Location - Leeds & District

Leeds Bradford Airport, aerial veiw, looking south-east (Yeadon)
Black & White imageUndated. Aerial view of Leeds Bradford Airport looking south-east, possibly taken in the 1950s but at least before 1964 when the third runway was built as only two can be seen here. Yeadon Tarn is on the bottom right, with Victoria Avenue running from left to right above; on the left is the crossroads where Warren House Lane leads down from Victoria Avenue and White House Lane leads up towards the airport complex, the uppermost buildings being the large hangars used as flight sheds for the AVRO factory which built aircraft during World Ward Two. Scotland Lane runs from left to right further up and Cookridge is in the background.
[internal reference; 201021_170171:C LIV 85]
Long Stoop, junction of New Victoria Avenue and Warren House Lane (Yeadon) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated The 'Long Stoop'is a stone pillar standing at the junction of New Victoria Avenue with Warren House Lane at the highest point of the turnpike in Yeadon.It was erected in 1884 and replaced one which dated from 1836 but was struck by lighting. The long stoop is still there but has been moved slightly for road alterations.The crossroads on Yeadon Moor was called Crown Point. Warren House Farm can be seen in the background.
[internal reference; 20041019_84974307:LEO 330]