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Bath Road, Water Lane (Holbeck) (9 comments)
Black & White image6th December 1967 On the left of the image is a row of brick built through terraced houses each with private front and rear gardens. These are numbers 2 to 8 Bath Road. On the right, at the corner with Water Lane, are the disused former premises of Peter Russell, commercial photographer, who was listed here at number 143 Water Lane until 1966 (Barrett's City of Leeds Directory). His name can still be seen above the doorway.
[internal reference; 2004225_37112063:LC/Eng. Blue Box 1. Box 302 No. 1]
Boats owned by Leeds Industrial Co-operative Society, River Aire (Hunslet) (2 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. View of coal barges owned by Leeds Industrial Co-operative Society moored near L.I.C.S. grain warehouses on Water Lane. In the background, right, the building is possibly the rear of the Tramway Offices. This view is from Bridge End. Listed in a trade Directory for 1947, John E. Charlwood was secretary of L.I.C.S. Ltd. and lived in Leeds 6. His name is painted on the barge seen left.
[internal reference; 2007914_164739:LEO 2091]
Bridge, Water Lane (City Centre)
Black & White image2nd February 1955. Picture shows the footbridge over Hol Beck on Water Lane. Brickwalls are visible either side. The bridge is an iron structure with wire mesh.
[internal reference; 7450:CLIW Water 14]
Bridge, Water Lane (City Centre)
Black & White image25th August 1948. Picture shows one of the bridges over the Hol Beck on Water Lane. The premises of 'Arthur Sharman, Scrap Metal Merchants', is visible on the bridge with piles of metal and wooden planks. Tyres can be seen in the beck. The bridge was constructed in 1849 and has been marked on the side.
[internal reference; 7461:CLIW Water 11]
Bridgewater Place under construction (City Centre)
Colour image16th January 2006. Image shows Bridgewater Place inder construction. The architects are Aedas and the developers are St. James Securities/Landmark Development Projects. The building is on a site overlooking the River Aire, Granary Wharf and Holbeck Village. The main supporting tower, seen here, is 105 metres from ground level. On completion, in the summer of 2006. Bridgewater Place on Water Lane to the South of Neville Street Bridge, will provide a mix of office, leisure and retail facilities with underground parking for 400 vehicles. There will also be 200 luxury apartments in the main tower, and a glass walkway between the different sections at level 8. Photograph courtesy of James William Bell.
[internal reference; 2006815_161782:LEO 1103]