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Methley Church, detail of stone gargoyle (Methley)
Black & White imageUndated. Image shows close-up detail of a curious stone gargoyle carved on the brackets that support the roof timbers of the chancel of Methley Church, Church of St. Oswald. The sculptor Henry Moore visited the Church as a boy and sketched gargoyles such as this one, and the alabaster tombs within the Waterton Chapel. He said in later life they had, had an influence on his passion for sculpture.
[internal reference; 2007814_164480:LQP 283 MAT 5]
Tablet on the North wall of the nave in the Waterton Chapel, Methley Church (Methley)
Black & White imageUndated. This wooded triangular headed wall tablet can be seen on the North wall of the nave in the Waterton Chapel of Methley Church, the Church of St. Oswald. It has a Greek and Latin inscription which translates as thus: "This Church was reseated with the authority of the Archbishop by me, Roger Hollings, in 1624. May God, the Judge of Right, give me a seat in Heaven".
[internal reference; 2007814_164485:LQP 283 MAT 7]