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Otley Road, Ring Road junction, aerial view (West Park) (4 comments)
Black & White imageUndated. Aerial view showing the roundabout at the junction of Otley Road (from top left to bottom right) with Ring Road West Park (from bottom left) and Ring Road Weetwood (top right). Tram lines are visible on Otley Road which identifies it as being from the 1950s or before. The school at the bottom was probably Leeds Modern School (Boys) at the time, while the girls' school, Lawnswood High, was situated further along the road, off the picture. Both were later combined as Lawnswood School, which was rebuilt in the early 21st century. To the left are semi-detached and detached houses while at the top right corner is Weetwood Hall, then a Leeds University Hall of Residence for Women. A listed building it has since been extended to become Weetwood Hall Hotel and Conference Centre. The area at the top left corner, here part of the University's Athletic Grounds, is now occupied by Weetwood Police Station.
[internal reference; 201021_170168:C LIB WEST 9]
Weetwood Hall (Weetwood) (1 comment)
Black & White imageUndated, Weetwood Hall was purchased by Leeds University in 1919 from Sir Hickman Bacon for £13,000 of which he donated £3000. It was described as 'a site for collegiate extension unsurpassed' and opened as a residential Hall for 31 women in 1920. It was extended in the 1920s to accommodate 60 female university students.
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Weetwood Hall (Weetwood)
Black & White image7th December 1949. View of the outbuildings of Weetwood Hall.
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Weetwood Hall (Weetwood)
Black & White image13th October 1949. Interior of the grotto feature in the conservatory.
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Weetwood Hall (Weetwood)
Black & White image13th October 1949. Exterior view of the Leeds University Hall of Residence for Women. The Hall was built in 1625 for Daniel Foxcroft and was occupied by various prominent Leeds families, including the Denisons, and Alf Cooke (Crown Point Printing Works). It became a Hall of Residence in 1926 and is now a hotel. It is a listed building.
[internal reference; 4249:CLIE Weetwood 2]