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Aire Street (City Centre) (1 comment)
Black & White image29th May 1944. Looking from the City Square. On the left is the stone built City station with part of the main entrance and the goods entrance clearly seen. At the right hand side is Barstows newsagent, tobacconist and confectioners. Above the door is a Picture Post advert and higher still is a Capstan cigarette sign. In the distance is the goods yard with several vans parked in it. Tram lines run along the street and their electric cables can be seen overhead attached to steel poles. There is a pedestrian crossing with two Belisha beacons. There are many people on the street including a soldier under a chiropodist's sign in Wellington Street.
[internal reference; 8877:CLIC Aire 3]
Aire Street, Prior to 1910 (City Centre)
Black & White imagepre 1910. Image shows Aire Street, left, and Wellington Street in the background, right, with tramlines and seen from what is now City Square. In the centre the triangular building is occupied by numbers 56 to 62 Aire Street, also numbered as 11 to 15A Wellington Street. Large, white painted lettering on the corner of the building announces that 'These Commanding Premises to Let.' Other signage on the frontage reads 'Prize Competition Dept. Over a Million Prizes' and 'Save your wrappers'. In 1910 the Gents Hairdressing business of Walter Barstow moved into the corner premises (number 11). It remained here as a family business until 1980 when the buildings were demolished to build City Square House. At the left edge, at number 9 Wellington Street, is Leeds Film Supply Company. At the right edge the buildings stand on the future site of the Majestic Cinema and Ballroom which did not open until June, 1922.
[internal reference; 20111220_173045:LQ 388 L517/133]
Albert Mills, after fire (Morley)
Black & White imageOctober 1961. Photograph of Albert Mills, Wellington Street after fire of 18 August 1961. A sign on the building advertises Fox Teale & Co, textile mill furnishers. Photograph shows cobbled Wellington Street with cars parked in distance. Two men are working on the roof of the mill.
[internal reference; 200237_76835269:MO/635]
Albert Mills, fire of 1961 (Morley) (1 comment)
Colour image18th august 1961. In this image the fire brigade are working hard to put out the fire which raged through the Albert Mill on 18th august 1961. The view looks down Wellington Street to Queen Street and shows the fire engine and part of the Town Hall at the right edge. The fire was so fierce that the dome of the Town Hall caught alight and was destroyed. It was rebuilt in 1962. What remained of the Albert Mill was demolished in 1961 and 1962. The construction of Morrisons Supermarket began on the site in 1972. Photograph from the David Atkinson Archive.
[internal reference; 20061221_162585:MORLEY M 1695]
Albion Street, junction with Wellington Street (Morley) (2 comments)
Black & White imageJuly 1971. Albion Street showing the old fire station building on the right with public toilets next to it on the corner. This was behind Morley Town Hall. The road running behind the Town Hall is un-named, but linked Albion Street with Wellington Street. The houses on the left formerly belonged to the Town Hall caretaker. A Ford Anglia car is parked outside. A road sign indicates 'Free Car Park'. This area is now the site of Morrison's supermarket.
[internal reference; 20021217_63349551:MO 705]