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Location - Leeds & District

Back West End Terrace (Hyde Park) (2 comments)
Black & White image1961 View shows a row of four back-to-back properties on Back West End Terrace. Numbers run from 4 to 1 left to right. Washing hangs across the front garden of number 1.
[internal reference; 20031217_77827090:WYAS West End Terrace, Box 278/1, no. 16]
West End Terrace (Hyde Park)
Black & White image10th June 1913 Situated off Woodhouse Street. This view is from Cross Cliff Road, looking towards Woodhouse Street, just before Hyde Park Corner. On the right no.13 is a licensed grocers, W.H.Hardy, with painted wall sign for Albion Brewery Leeds Ltd. Fine Ales and Stout, in bottles and on draught. Next to the left, no.12 occupied by George Burrows, then entrance to West End Place. No.10 (frontage with six windows) was Percy Mawer joiner and undertaker, then 8 W.Hearsum fish and chips, then entrance to Woods Buildings.
[internal reference; 2002319_82839603:C LIC West (5)]
West End Terrace (Hyde Park)
Black & White image30th August 1961 View looks from Cross Regent Park Avenue onto the back entrance of number 18 West End Terrace. This is a stone built property with a brick, one storey extension to the right.
[internal reference; 20031218_1746767:WYAS West End Terrace, Box 278/2, no. 24]
West End Terrace no. 13 (Hyde Park)
Black & White image1961 In the centre of this view is number 13 West End Terrace. This had been a grocers, run by George Shaw. The shop window is covered with corrugated iron. On the left is the remains of number 12 which has been demolished.
[internal reference; 20031217_27347964:WYAS West End Terrace, Box 278/1, no. 14]
West End Terrace no. 18 (Hyde Park) (1 comment)
Black & White image30th April 1961 Various sized properties on West End Terrace. On the left edge is part of number 17, a hedge visible along the bottom edge of the front garden. In the centre is number 18, set back from the road with the back entrances to numbers 1 and 2 Cross Cliff Road just round he corner. On the right edge is part of number 19 West End Terrace.
[internal reference; 20031217_95708865:WYAS West End Terrace, Box 278/2, no. 9]