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Search Aspect ( Wharfedale Street )
Location - Leeds & District

Wharfedale Street, from Wharfedale Avenue (Meanwood)
Black & White image1970. View looking up Wharfedale Street from Wharfedale Avenue. Terraced houses can be seen which are in immaculate condition and have been fully converted. The view looks up to Woodhouse Ridge in the background and beyond that, clearly visible through the trees in winter, the rear of semi-detached houses on Hartley Avenue.
[internal reference; 2012124_173209:SRQ 942.819 WOO 110]
Woodhouse Ridge, looking towards Wharfedale Street (Woodhouse) (1 comment)
Black & White image1970. Looking along Woodhouse Ridge from near the entrance off Melville Place towards the terraced houses of Wharfedale Street, going down the hill, and Wharfedale Avenue on the right.
[internal reference; 2012118_173183:SRQ 942.819 WOO 81 SRQ 942.819 WOO 81 ]