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Location - Leeds & District

G & H Bentley (SW) Ltd Engineers, Woodman Terrace (Richmond Hill)
Black & White image6th October 1966, Image shows a side view of the run down engineering works. Windows are broken and the grass verge is strewn with metal debris.
[internal reference; 2003325_37835330:WYAS Richmond Hill. Box No 9/1. No 41]
Woodman Terrace (Richmond Hill)
Black & White image6th October 1966, View of the Woodman Terrace facing gable end of K. Shann & Sons, Rag and Metal Merchants. On the left is Aysgarth Road and on the right is the yard at the back of the merchants full of scrapmetal and debris visible through the open gates. On the far right the wheel and bed of a broken wagon are visible. The large loading door is visible in the gable end of the building.
[internal reference; 2003325_86245364:WYAS Richmond Hill. Box No 9/1. No 39]
York Road, Greyhound Inn (York Road) (2 comments)
Black & White image7th November 1938. View of York Road showing the Greyhound Inn, situated between the junctions with Woodman Terrace on the left and Bath Street to the right. This public house and the shops just past Bath Street were due to be demolished as part of the slum clearance of the area. The York Road public library and swimming baths building, seen on the far right, was spared however and still stands today (2009); it is now a listed building though in a derelict state.
[internal reference; 20091124_169830:C LIB YORK 53]