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Search Aspect ( Wyke Beck Valley Road )
Location - Leeds & District

Wyke Beck looking south from Old Foundry Lane (Killingbeck)
Colour imageUndated. View of Wyke Beck looking south from Old Foundry Lane from the old stone bridge. This part of Foundry Lane and the bridge are now inaccessible to vehicles as the road was re-routed in the 1930s. From here Wyke Beck meanders southwards following the line of Wyke Beck Valley Road. It skirts the site of the old Killingbeck Smallpox Hospital which once existed on the former site of Killingbeck Farm. Killingbeck Smallpox Hospital is now demolished but there is still evidence of its presence to be seen. To the left of the beck, but not visible here, is an old sunken lane, thought to date back to at least medieval times. It leads down to the site of the Smallpox Hospital which had formerly been the site of Killingbeck Farm. Farm traffic would have regularly used this land to and from Old Foundry Lane. The stone bridge is very wide and would have been suitable for horse-drawn farm vehicles.
[internal reference; 20091118_169813:LEO 4679]